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Boot removal from foot issues...

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Does anyone else have trouble getting their boots off of their feet after a day of skiing? I've got the Lange WC 130 LF and they are next to impossible to get off when cold because the plastic is so hard. I've taken to warming the boots over my instep with a hairdryer for a few minutes and then they come off with some pain. Any tips besides warm the plastic or wait until they thaw out?
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In the sub-zero conditions in which we've been teaching and skiing here in northern Vermont, my Rossi B2's have been impossible to remove from the foot without the hairdryer trick - so, I carry a hairdryer. It works. Never use it on my hair, though.
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I spread the lower shell using my hands as I slip the boots off. I also make sure the tongue stays over my instep to aid in protecting. If you think your boots are stiff, my 'H' flex Atomic Racetech are like 28 day cured concrete, even at room temperature. Getting the boots ON is where I have issues.
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Just sit and relax for a few minutes (OK, so they are long minutes .. . I damned near went into a panic with the Langes when I tried to get them off on a cold day but I would never trade that solid feeling for an easy on, easy off boot.
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I second the hair-dryer trick. Blast your boots for 30 seconds or so and they'll slip right off.

As a benefit, you can make yourself a tidy profit by renting out your hair dryer to all the other seriously jealous people in the lodge who are wrestling with the "frozen boots" problem as well. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

I have never succumbed to my capitalistic tendencies, although I have loaned my hairdryer to others.
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If the lodge has floor heating vents or baseboard heaters, I camp out there for 15 minutes or so and my boots come off much easier. When it comes to getting them on in the morning, I usually drive with them on the floorboards where my car's heater vents are. I try to dry them after every use, or I end up with cold, wet feet.
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Unless its a warm day, I need the help of a second person to get my right boot off, due to swelling from achilles tendonitis. Not fun. You're CP from AW, right?
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