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I was fixing an order this weekend, received a damaged item, we fixed it all on the live chat, and I ordered a new item, the cost difference was about 10 dollars, so I just stuck it on my credit card because it was the fastest way.

I did this pretty late, It was prob 1:30 to 2:00 am, I forgot my order number I went back to use to Live chat today and it says they only do service at certain hours. 9:00pm was when It closed or something.

Now I'm a little bit worried, was it always like this or is this pretty new? Because my credit card information was handed out on the weekend over this secure live chat, But if the hours are listed as not being open that late, Im very concerned right now that I may have handed my cc information over to someone thats not supose to have it.

Basically I'm just trying to confirm if there hours changed recently, because I cant talk to anyone and its earlier then when I did the order and all before.

Just need to no if I should go and inform my CC company asap.
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I have talked to them live at odd hours too, don't panic get them on E / web tommorrow and check if you're worried. I've dealt with them quite a bit and alway very happy with service. Their prices are on high side but service is excellent.
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Yes I have used them a couple times, It's always been at odd hours, seems sometimes when i cant sleep I have to buy new gear LOL, always been happy with there service this just came off as a little odd to me.
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They are extremely helpful and if you ask them, they even let you know of specials that they are running. I bought a pair of Oakley Wisdoms w/ Fire Iridium lenses last week for $112 to my door.
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