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Poll Results: Pole Strap Poll

  • 42% (66)
    Pole strap under the heel of my hand, over the wrist.
  • 12% (19)
    Pole strap over the back of my hand, around wrist.
  • 16% (26)
    "Break-away" pole straps.
  • 26% (41)
    I don't ski with pole straps.
  • 1% (2)
    I don't ski with ski poles.
154 Total Votes  
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Wow, you guys are pole picky, but I assumed I would get flamed for this more than I have. I will clearly NOT be using pole straps anymore, now that I have been "double-pinned" to repair the fracture (and even worse, the pins started migrating in August and I had to have 'urgent' surgery to remove them.) The accident was freakish. I had my "break-away" Goode's. I took a funny/weird tip-over fall to the left in what was an easy bump section. Let go of my pole handles, pole tip was in the snow, break-away worked properly, and the pole ejected forward, pivoting over the pole tip, then ricocheted back up into my open hand so quickly, I hadn't even fallen yet. In other words, it slapped forward off the snow and back up into my hand before I could do anything, and with such force it not only broke the base of my thumb where the UCL attaches, but tore the ligament as well which also had to be repaired. No more straps ever for me thank you!!!
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Never again will I use pole straps, tore my ligament off my right thumb while crashing on a deep powder day in Jackson Hole. Stubborn me, I kept skiing for days afterwards, couldnt pass up the 7 feet of snow in 8 days, absolutely phenomenal. When I visited the doctor the following week, he said its too late for ligament reattachment so I had a thumb bone fusion in the summer. My daughter said it was worth the delay for a once in a lifetime powder event...Ouch !
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Originally Posted by doogiedoc View Post
How do you folks choose to use pole straps? I'm curious about this since I broke my thumb in January. For the sake of this poll let's assume we're talking regular day at your favorite lift-served ski area.

I cut them off: leave them only for my poder sticks: still don,t use them: I leave them to be able to track the poles down......
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Flawed. One can't choose multiple options!!!
I have at least two set in use, one has break-away pole straps (leki, when I use those, my son enjoy making jokes by pushing the release button w/o me knowing...but only while in a lift queue at the lift ) and the other has regular pole straps...
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So who are the two of you who don't ski with poles???
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I have been useing the Goode ski pole system for about 10 years and they snap into there gloves. works awsome!! the leather racing gloves are sweet also!! i believe there poles are the lightest and strongest on the market also. They have a system that will release your pole in the case of an accedent the accedent would have to be a good one though for this to happen. like a binding for your hand. Cant say enough of how awsome this product is! I just recieved my second pair of gloves in ten years still useing the same poles!! Real thin and adjustable length buy undooing the lock screw and twisting the grip up or down!
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Bad "POLE" Options A anc C are both correct for me. Straps around the back of hand through the palm AND break away straps.
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
Bad "POLE" Options A anc C are both correct for me. Straps around the back of wrist through the palm AND break away straps.

And actually, there were articles in the '80s claiming that the strapless poles were most responsible for thumb injuries, Scott poles in particular with the thumb pointing up just wrong so it catches and digs in the snow when you touch down while falling or almost falling.
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In the woods: No Straps

In the Bumps: Straps

Open Stuff: Either Or... I guess usually Straps On.

Hard to say that in the Pole Poll.
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Swix Viper CT3 Composite

Note the Yellow Tab. At first I thought it was just gimmicky, but it really does help keep the pole in your hand while allowing you to relax your grip. When used WITH the strap to sandwich your hand in between you can really swing them with an nice, loose grip and they pivot right back into position. Skeptical at first, but I actually like 'em!
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I don't wear pole straps in part to reduce thumb injuries, and yesterday I managed to fall and injure my thumb. Without letting go of my pole. For the second time this year. Annoying. All swollen and bruised today.
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Leki trigger.

I imagine that if you don't use straps, you'd hold onto your poles in a fall,as you've been trained not to let them go. But if you do use straps, you'll let them go much more readily.

Before the Leki, I used A and C.
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
I imagine that if you don't use straps, you'd hold onto your poles in a fall,as you've been trained not to let them go.
Perhaps this is true.
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Straps are good for riding lifts and pushing off of on flats or swinging pole over head like a madman in anger or glee. Otherwise, not much use. I remove them for any deep snow or tree use.
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Pole straps are important for timing and positioning. In the bumps especially, the pole strap allows you to swing the pole forward without overly angulating the wrist. This puts you forward over your skis allowing you to drive the tips over the top and down the bump (of course by then, you're already swinging the pole forward towards the next bump and the next and the next). As for concerns about jammed thumbs and tree runs, get breakaway straps (Leki sells a good set up). They work great.

ps: the number one injury for skiers are knees
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I cinch that strap as tight as it will go, then wrap duck tape around my gloves so I will never drop them. :

But seriously, I haven't used them for years except to hang on my skis when going into the lodge.
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