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tuning question

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New here...I decided this year to get some gear to do my own tune ups and ordered the skivisions base flattener and the edge tuner. They both seem to work great except for one thing, I have some really chewed up spots on my edges right under my feet that I can't see getting sharp.

To me, it seems like I need to get a file that will flatten the base and edges more aggresively than the skivisions base flattener is doing and just take it down a bit to get a sharp corner back on the edge or, take them in to get them stone ground.

Any thoughts or opinions that would be helpful? Thanks!
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A body file works well for taking down the base and edge, but......if the chewed up areas are nicks versus burrs, they may not be worth removing the finite material on your bases and edges. Is this an aesthetic concern or a real performance hinderance?
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Thanks for the reply. It's more than just a few nicks; on one ski, the whole section between the bindings is really chewed up. I had a hard time putting the skis up last spring and there were getting to be some serious rock hazards poking up...
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Without seeing it, if it were me, i'd just sharpen the best you can and forget about the ragged spot....otherwise your'e likely to really shorten the life of yoru ski. If it's a series of nicks/gouges, the area between the gouges will still get sharp, as will the rest of teh ski that isnt' damaged.

Try it, see how it peforms...
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Wait until you have good snow, in the event there are more rocks, etc during the early season. See how they perform. If you don't like how they feel, take them to a shop for a grind or seize the opportunity to see how much damage : (or good) you can do with a body file, maxi-file or start easy with a coarse flat file.

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Shop grind to get off the gunk and go from there.
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