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Emergency Wax Scraper?

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Spent the weekend at our cabin in the woods, with several pairs of thirsty skis and a big block of wax.... but no scrapers for miles around. After a bit of headscratching, I unscrewed an electric switch plate cover from the wall (the regular stiff plastic kind... not metal), which proved to be a very usable tool, complete with strategically-positioned hole for finger gripping. MacGyver would've been proud... though he may have gone for the two finger version covering an outlet?

It worked so well that I may consider using fulltime, but thought I'd mention here in case others are ever faced with similar scraper emergency. And yes, I know it's mickey mouse......

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When I was in high school, that was all I used as a scraper. I guess I was just too cheap to buy new or just didn't know any better. It does work surprisingly well.
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I think you need to also get the Mini Mouse switch cover to match.....

Conversely, you can use wax scrapers to scrape icy windshields.....and you can cut and drill them to use as switch covers.
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Emergency brush for when it gets really warm:

But with only a little scalp conditioning you could use one of these year-round:

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cd case, spatula from condo kitchen
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Ive used a credit card. Then to clean it off some hot tap water and youre good to go.
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Yep, credit card for me too.
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The back of a cd case.
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Windshield scrapers made from thick, clear plastic work great. I prefer them over the wax scrapers they sell at the ski shops.
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Pocket comb ... I never used it for hair but just carried one for removing the ice from the skis from the rental shop that never see wax. Nothing worse that ten in a beginner lesson stuck to the snow. Works fine for the old "wax in the hotel" too .... it's not polite to take apart the wall plates in the DewDrop Inn.

Those little plastic wall board compound thingies they sell in Home Depot for real cheap work fine ... and for the under dollar ... toss a few under the seat of the car and use it for ice or whatever.
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