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Force 9 Replacement

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What would be a good replacement for the Salomon Force 9? I've been happy with this ski over the years, but I'm looking to replace it with one of the new, shorter all-mountain skis. I've demoed the newer skis over the past few years, and they were easier to turn, yet still stable at speed. I'm looking for additional user feedback on what people like skiing on these days.

My wife is also looking for a new pair of skis. She's an intermediate skier who's trying to carve instead of skidding her turns. Any advice for her would be helpful too. We were recently at REI, and the sales rep there suggested the Volkl Aura for her.

Regarding terrain, both of us usually ski at Park City or Snowbasin.
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Welcome and happy hunting! Here's a suggestion: run a search for all mountain or carving skis or one ski quiver (whichever type you seek), you will find a plethora of suggestions on what skis to demo. For instance, SierraJim is very helpful.

If you want more specific info, please provide your weight, height, skier level, level of aggressiveness, more specific terrain and/or snow types you typically ski/prefer, turn preferences (long/short turns), preferences on stiffness, etc.

BTW: I had a pair of Force 9s for about 5 years. If you want a mogul ski, you should keep them (in addition to whatever your new ski might be).
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Force 9's were great skis. After my Force 9's I went to Volkl Snowrangers, then to Explosivs - niether of which are still in production.
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As a retired Force 9 lover, my favorite today is the Volkl Mantra. both quick and snappy, fun in powder and crud. I still have them in the basement. It would be interesting to campare them today- 204 force 9 vs. 177 Mantra. I wonder if I could still make 'em turn. Seemed to turn good back in the day...
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FWIW, I went from the Force 9 to Fischer Weapons, to Vipers, to K2 XP's to K2 Recons. I've always been a one ski kind of gal and the move to K2 came with the move to Montana. I now, for the first time, will have a second pair of skis, K2 Outlaws.
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