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GREAT boots that are CHEAP

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So, i'm kinda new to the boot fitment thing, but after living with a uncomfortable boot for a few years, i just can't take it anymore. I'm going to be a full time ski instructor and living on the mountain this season so i need something that I can live with everyday.

I'm on a VERY tight budget, but I want the BEST boot in terms of performance and comfort. I know, kinda like an oxymoron...

From what I've read, custom liners and footbeds are the best but cost ~$200. It seems like there is a very good boot fitter (Ski Center in DC) about an hour away from me. Do you guys think i should just buy a pair of high end boots through a prodeal or go for a custom fit?

What do you guys think of buying an used, high-end boot for cheap and getting custom liners and footbeds for it?
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Your always better by looking at fit first and price later. Of course in the real world that is not always possible. If you can find a good fitter, go see them and ask if they have any of last seasons boots. Many times they are changed very little and you can get a good deal. Remember though that you will be in these everyday and you kick yourself later if you settle for a less than ideal boot just to save a hundred bucks.
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You will be instructing, which means you will be relying on your boots for income. Why would you shortcut on the most important piece of your gear? Over the course of a winter..or two, is saving a couple of bucks worth it?
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I totally agree that paying some extra $ would be worth it, but I seriously don't have the money to spend right now. I haven't had a job for 6 weeks now and i'm going to be instructing in japan so i need to pay for traveling expenses to get there. I start a part-time job tomorrow, but i am seriously short on cash.

So, do you guys think buying some used boots and getting custom liners is a bad idea?

thanks for the input
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I think it might be helpful if the boot pros could comment on how they deal with ski professionals that receive a pro-form on boots. Common sense tells you that instructors and patrollers will receive a discounted price on equipment. Its still only fair that they pay a living wage for the services to fit that equipment. I assume if you buy your boots from a third party that the fitter will need to charge for services since there is no income from the boots. The price could be based on a fixed rate for adjustments or hourly. In any event, the need for professional boot fitting services is even more important for those who "live" in their boots and expect the highest performance return.
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very good point. I'll call Ski Center tomorrow for some prices
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Good luck with your problem. Understand shortage of cash makes things more difficult always. However, there is no such thing as custom footbeds and liners for $200, so if you can't afford that you won't be able to afford the real price.

I suspect the pro price on new boots won't work either.

Read through the posts here and maybe some of our websites and you may be able to find a good pair of used boots and still have money left to pay someone to fix some of the problems.

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Cheap boots are often made with Polypropelyne. This has an awful wear resistance which is a security issue with bindings. Similar models, higher in the range will add PU and a much better liner giving you better Value and safety allround.
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Thanks for the help. I talked to Brian at Ski center who was very helpful. He said custom liners are separate from boots, so it wouldn't make a difference in price whether i bought the boots there or not. So, I am planning on buying some new/slightly used boots online (probably eBay) for cheap and getting a custom liner from Ski Center. I'll probably get the Intuition liners.

Anyone think this is a bad idea?
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