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Fernie pics - Ski Rescue

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This series of pics were taken unknowingly by a friend of mine whilst we were skiing the Knot Chutes at Fernie in January this year.

For those who know Fernie, we are in the third Chute along as you look up to the right from White pass chair. The area is marked as permanently closed on the trail map, but the area is marked from the top of the lift as double black.

My mate took a fall as he dropped into the chute and lost a ski. He and started sliding backwards picking up speed as he slid. Somehow he managed to dig in and stop falling.

Here are the pics, pretty scary for me trying to stop in the chute as I generally like to keep my momentum going from the drop in and ski the whole thing in one go. Also cautious of the snow sliding on us.

This is us in the chute on a different occasion;

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Huh, guess it's one of those " hadda be there " situations, doesn't look all that hairy.

I'll take your word though. Glad all made it out in one piece.
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