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Picabo Part II

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At the bottom of Main Vein, the run at Copper Mountain where she was collared for excessive speed, there are now two advertisements with Picabo Street hawking Chap-Stick.
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.... And where is the one for the Rolex watches ?

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Picabo contributes a lot to our sport. For that reason and many other reasons, Copper loves Picabo and so do I.

Saw a funny thing the other day...
A guy confronted a young skier because the the skier was going too fast. The young guy replies: "I ski fast man! I ski fast! That's all there is to it. I ski Fast! The other guy was speechless and completely caught off guard. Maybe you had to be there. It was wicked funny. Now all my buddies and me will chime in "I ski fast man, I ski fast. That's all there is to it!" Giggles.
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