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Need Twin Tip help

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So I decided to buy a set of twin tips for the first time. These would be my bump and occasional park ski (not a jibber). I think I have it narrowed down to either K2 Public Enemy w/Rossi Axial Pro or Dynastar Troublemaker w/Look Jib PX12. Which would you pick for the same price?

I'm not quite sure about length. I already know go longer obviously but how much longer and does it differ for various manufacturers? Do they all measure full length or do some measure just running length? I weigh 150 lbs. and my Atomic M:EX's are 165 cm. Does 174 cm for the K2 and 175 for the TM sound about right?

I did check out newschoolers already.

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I have 2 new pairs of twins movement kamasutras at 169 and line prophet 80's in 176. I got the kamasutra's short to play and lines a little longer to rip.I ski my metron b5's at 162 and my phat luv's at 167.The twins ski about 10 cm shorter than actual length
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Thanks 175ish seems about right then.

Which of those skis would be better suited to park plus bumps/all mountain?
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174cm or 175cm sounds right.

The PEs is slight stiffer and a better crud, powder, groomer, long turn high speed ski. Its still quite nimble but its on the stiffer side on what twin tips run.
This a skinny "big mountain" twin and is great for charging in any condition.

The troublemaker is softer and will be better at short turns, jibbing, park, and bumps. Its light easy and really a blast to ski on.
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PE all the way.
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I was leaning toward the Troublemaker for two reasons: 1) the 78 mm waist would make them quicker in bumps 2) I'm on the East Coast.

Would you still pick the PE?
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I loved the PE in bumps last year. They get on edge quicker than you would think for the waist size. I've skied them in pow, ice, and wind blown. they handled it all with ease.
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I have never skiied the trouble maker but wasn't that big a fan of the PE.. i realise i'm in the minority here but I wasn't a big fan of the flex or shape.. for me its a bit of a jack of all trades master of none.. I prefered both the salomon foil and thruster (2007 models) for bumps and found the PE sluggish by comparison... if u just want to do park and bumps on em u can find a better ski than the PE.. the trouble maker i have never skiied but it's meant to be softer and would probably be a better bump ski
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I have skied the PE and was not a big fan (heavy demo bindings didn't help). I have NOT skied the Troublemaker, but I own the Big Trouble and love it. It's my every day, all conditions ski out west. I find that the "spring blade" construction is actually quite useful and not marketing hype. The ski is flexible in each tip and is quite stiff under foot, making it quite useful as a groomer ski. The Troublemaker has a similar design, so take that for what it's worth. YMMV.
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Yeah i skiied Big Troubles the other day.. in an indoor snowpark no less... and they handled that nicely for a fat ish ski... nice flex..
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Originally Posted by MattL View Post
I was leaning toward the Troublemaker for two reasons: 1) the 78 mm waist would make them quicker in bumps 2) I'm on the East Coast.

Would you still pick the PE?
go for troublemaker if quickness is a concern. If I was skiing just
bumps I would pick the troublemaker over the PE.
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Thanks for the help. I really liked those PEs but had to be realistic about what would work best for where I ski 90% of the time and ordered the Trouble Makers.

I'll be bugging you guys again soon with mounting placement questions.

BTW if anybody is looking for some PEs this place has a good deal on a package at $399 for skis, Rossi Axial 120 pro and poles, free shipping. I think they only have 174 cm left though now.
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