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Happy birthday Nobody

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Happy birthday my friend Nobody.....the single greatest contributor to my epicski experience.

Hope you are having a fantastic birthday and have a great ski season. May the Italian alps be buried in snow all year for you!

Thanks again for the link!!! Best ski present I even received!!

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Happy birthday to everybody's favorite nobody.
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Tanti auguri Matteo!
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I knew it had to be Somebody's birthday. Everyone celebrate Nobody's Birthday!

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I'm embarassed .
Thank you all my friends!
May your winter be full of joy!
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Happy birthday to one of the hottest guys on Epic! Hope to see you again in Italia, or perhaps in Colorado!
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Alles gute zum Geburstag, mein Freund...

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Yess, looking forward to see you again! These last times I find myself thinking more and more about the Rockies...
Hey Ott, vielen dank!
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Everybody loves Nobody!!
Hope your birthday wishes come true!
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