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Cherchez les Geeks

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I have noticed that there are not enough geeks on this forum.

Question 1: What's up? Is talking about skiing too outdoorsy for real geeks? Is everybody over at Slashdot celebrating that Dmitry got home?

Question 2: For those of you in a relationship (and I mean "with another human" rather than with extensions of one's own self or projects from the MIT Robotics Labs) does your signficant other share your geekdom? Does he/she/it respect your "inner geek??

Question 3: Do you crank code together? Or configure your servers for "quality time"?

Note that geeks should be able to parse multi-part questions and give subcategorized answers.

What can we do to get more geeks of all persuasions sharing our ski messaging community?

And is there any hope to bring together:
"Old Mainframe Farts"
"Linux Geeks" (and LinuxChix!)
and "Embedded System Gurus"
on our cyber-slopes?

Finally if there's a Linux Watch, why isn't there a Linux Ski?

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g : s g : s g : s g : s g : s

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Okay. I'll leave.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by nolobolono:
Okay. I'll leave.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yipes! Please don't leave.

Could we just have a bit of sense of humor here about parody? (and for that matter self-parody since I'm mostly an "Old Mainframe Fart" pretending to be a Linux Geek")

I guess maybe you don't get all the friendly banter that goes on around here. For that matter, Sugar Snack's "Sigh" post which you said is what started your "Cherchez les Femmes?" post was mostly friendly banter.

Yeah, some people were a bit over-the-top (hi Milesb!) but I really wouldn't say it was an example of "antlers" driving away women. It sure didn't drive away SS. (who if you scanned her last 50-some posts BTW you'd see she spent the Xmas season posting a variety of flitatious sigfiles - so goose, gander). This place is a virtual ski-house - it gets a bit uproarious at times but we all mostly get along. The key is NOT to go storming out when someone doesn't agree with your point.

You asked questions about why women aren't here. I (among others) pointed out the fallacy in your starting assumption - that there are a number of women here, and on the slopes. And that the women here seem to be able to hold their own and aren't looking for special treatment.

Why is that a 'take my ball and go home' issue to you?

As AC has pointed out in the past, this isn't "" so perhaps this would be better carried on at wordier, "weightier" places like theHeath or Hyperchange or Post & Riposte at, but I don't have any idea if you frequent them - I know I usually don't. (not as "me" at least)

As a guy married to a women who now skis, with a daughter who I encouraged to ski (or whatever her choice of sports were), I'm all for women skiing. And posting about it. I just don't think it's a big "issue" about are there "enough". Not wanting this to become a discussion about
gender feminism vs. equality feminism I'll bow out of this now and go back to configuring servers.

With no geek-girl of my own. Baa-haa! (well I did make LM go out and get her own XP security patches the other night. OTOH that could be considered spousal abuse!)
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Mark Mark,

Put me down on the geek list. I can mix it up with the best and I love every tick!

There's lots of geeks that ski -- I meet 'em all the time -- geeks always seem to find each other.

You should hear it when my MIT buddies and I get together for turns. "Yeah, but VoiceXML rules!" "Where's the gotchas in the latest system release"? "Got any production boxes running 2000"?

Oh man, we get all excited and talk about coming up with a killer app!
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I knew you'd be one of the crew here!

I only recently heard about VoiceXML. I actually do a fair amount of XML for integrating back-end "legacy" systems with B2B web front ends and app servers, but it's all text and numeric data. We do have VRUs around but I don't know if they're XML.

I started using TellMe ( 1-800-555-TELL) for weather forecasts, news snippets, stuff like that from the cell phone. Was reading about them after using them and I guess they're all VoiceXML. Pretty neat stuff. They actually have a number of ski areas or at least ski towns programmed in - I'll be out walking the dog at midnight and saying out loud "Bethel Maine" or "Ludlow Vermont" hoping to hear that it's cold enough to blow snow up there, or maybe even be getting real stuff.

Got a lot of weird looks from BU students wandering home - who's the middle-aged guy talking to his greyhound in the middle of the night about ski towns?

(Not to mention the time LM heard me distinctly say "Main Menu" while I was in the bathroom!)

OK, I am owning my geekhood here.
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1) Naw, they're still excited Kuro5hin is back online.

2) After quitting my last job my attitude and hobbies changed considerably. My previous girlfriend had the unfortunate pleasure of living in an apartment that had way too many computers and networking equipment. Then again, she had best Powerpoint presentations of anyone in her class.

But both of us got burned out in what we were doing (I was playing sys admin and she was working on a master's). So we moved out to Colorado together and started playing ski bum. Life is a lot more relaxed than it was and I'm definitely finding time to do a lot of stuff outside of work.

3) We did put together a bunch of web pages from some vacations at one point.. that's about it. Hm, she was kind of proficient using KDE.

So I'll ask some questions of my own out of genuine curiosity..

1) GPL or BSD?

2) NT, MacOS, or Unix?

3) Most underrated: XML, Java servlets, Python, PGP, Firewire, or Itanium?

4) Most overrated: XML, Java servlets, Python, PGP, Firewire, or Itanium?

GE d s:- a- C+++$ U+++>$ P+++>$ L+++> E- W++$ N+ o-- K++ w O M V-- PS+ PE Y+ PGP t+ 5- X R++ tv++ b+ DI++ D++ G- e++ h-- r+ y++
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Looks like AC is going to need yet another topics section for the forum, eh? :~)
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Mark Mark,

I'm with ya...

Tellme is very cool. I met the guys who started it.

Tellme will go down as the beginning of voice enabled apps.

VoiceXML is the way to go. If you ever do anything with voice, like IVR or something, use as much VoiceXML as possible.
Just so you know, I'm all about VoiceXML. I've got some really cool voice apps I'm working on.

XML is here to stay. My buddies and I think it'll end up to be as important to computing as C has been.
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*ahem* my sig.
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For 7 years I was State IT Manager for an International Consulting Engineering Company. World wide we had 11,000 workers, 2500+ applications and no matter what I organised, trained, nurtured, fixed, recovered, saved, archived, upgraded, powered up etc etc etc they all still complained.

I.T., nice to be a boffin, totally crap management job. Currently I am sharing with two ex Nortel project managers who quit and are now having a fine time being lifties\ski bums.

I just deal with people on holidays with natural fears in a beautiful office.

ex g :

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Hey hey! Do I qualify? I run all the trial software and do database development for case analysis at my firm. Not writing new code or anything but I do create and modify coding files.

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JD Edwards (VC++, and ERW)
AutoLisp (for those of you who have used AutoCAD Pre R14)

And I can program my video

No current S.O, but the last one was on Australian Navy women's race team, and is probably taking pot shots at terrorists right now.

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As you might have noticed, I didn't answer the question you asked, but gave an answer that I thought would sound impressive.

This is because, while I may cut the odd line of code, I am actually a consultant.

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What's the Dilbert line? "I'm not unemployed. I'm a consultant!"

Why Geek's don't ski...

1) It's really hard to maintain that pasty, pale complexion if you actually go outside to ski.

2) I can ski, board, golf, deep sea fish, hunt, save the world from destruction, and have sex all without leaving my desk.

3) It's too hard to read my email while I'm trying to balance on those funny short sticks.

4) What?!?! I can't do this in my PJ's?!?

I'm sure there are many others....

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Dilbert line is true, so true.

But I must take you up on the other points:

1. Wear a full balaclava (which used to be the national costume of Northern Ireland, but that's another story)

2 & 3 Buy a Compaq Ipaq, or fit skis to your desk.

4. Some people ski in flourescent green one piece suits. I'm sure you could get away with PJs.


P.S. You see how good a consultant I am - you have a computer problem - "I can't ski and be a geek", and I've given you solutions, some of which might even work.
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Forgot to add:

That'll be 1600 euros, or similar value in any other major currency.
If you require my consultancy services for any other issues, please see my accountant.

P.S. Any of you know anything about US accountancy/tax laws, I'm thinking of setting up a skiing consultancy for geeks.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by nakona:
*ahem* my sig.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

A real geek would have used the numerical equivalent of a+x in your sig!

I guess the non-geeks in the forum have no idea what your sig means [img]smile.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by nakona:
*ahem* my sig.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Permission granted. I suggest:

mv /bin/laden /dev/null - copy /bin/laden to /dev/null
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SkiKing:

A real geek would have used the numerical equivalent of a+x in your sig!

I guess the non-geeks in the forum have no idea what your sig means [img]smile.gif[/img]


While in real life a REAL geek would have used 755, using the a+x is what makes the joke because rather than merely setting permissions to -rwxr-xr-x, I have given everyone permission to execute ~/bin/laden
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by irul&ublo:

Permission granted. I suggest:

mv /bin/laden /dev/null - copy /bin/laden to /dev/null

Wouldn't that be either...?

#~/dev/null < cat ~/bin/laden
#cat ~/bin/laden > ~/dev/null
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Embedded Systems Gurus?

I guess I used to be one of those (before going into management). I used to work with real-time kernels (pSOS, C-Executive, OS-9 - anyone heard of these?), but my best effort was developing real-time satellite software, using Ada and 2167A standards, which was then embedded on a 1750 microprocessor (an obscure processor with the somewhat unique attribute of being radiation-hard). Talk about strange cross-development tools. But the nice thing is that all this flies high in the sky in a satellite named RadarSat that maps ice movements. :

But that was long ago. Today I would not consider myself a geek. In fact I secretly hate all the technology stuff. I need to keep up with it, but it just isn't the exciting thing it was 10 year ago. I kind of wish I had the guts to do what Oz did.
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Wow, I also worked on Radarsat. Wrote some ADCS test s/w, analyzed test data up at DFL and spent a few weeks up at the canadian space agency supporting launch and early mission ops. Small world.
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I used to be a geek (writing database applications). However my boss found out that I wear a suit to work so I moved into finance.
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If we use those rules, them I'm not really a geek...

1. I don't have enough hair for a pony tail.
2. I own more than 1 suit.
3. I wear suits to work.
4. My suits are less than 5 years old.
5. I button up my shirt right to the top.
6. I'm qualified as a mechanical engineer.

(I'm in the head office today, which is open plan, and my desk faces about 50 developers, so 1-5 are based on my current view!)

Am I a geek?

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I (mrs twoKiwis) probably qualify as a geek as I have worked in IT for over 20 years. I was an 'old mainframe fart' for 18 years, and have now moved into the much more exciting world of object oriented developent. Even though I've worked in IT for so long I have not heard of half the things mentioned above.

I am not sure what the stereotype of the physical appearence of a female geek
is, but I don't think I fit. I lost the glasses when I got my eyes Lasik'ed but that is probably cheating. I am blonde, tanned (in summer), busty, fit and think I am in pretty good shape for over 40. My abs even show through in the right light!

Being a geek in disguise though has its benefits - ie. earning enough money to indulge in my favourite past time, skiing.
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If you know what an ARP is, read User Friendly or understand my signature, then you're a geek.
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ARP = Air Raid Patroller (WWII people who looked out for German bombers flying over England)
Or is it ERP mis-spelled?

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uhhh, no.
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Admodum Reverendi Patris?
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