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Christmas at Tahoe?

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Need a little advice. Coming from Canada to take advantage of our higher dollar. Would you recommend Tahoe right after Christmas or is it way too crowded? Is there decent snow? Bringing the 3 teenagers, all experts. Want to hit a few mountains, so where would a good home base be? Is there reasonably priced suites anywhere. We will have a car.
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Tahoe is 50/50 for having good snow around X-mas. 50/50 might be a little optimistic . But when it is good it is really really good.

It will be very crowded, particular if there is good coverage and it is sunny. This will be the 1st year in last 7 that we will not be spend 1 to 2 weeks in Tahoe around the holidays. I will not be missing the holidays crowds or traffic.

Cost: X-mass to New Years is the most expensive time in Tahoe. You might still be able to find something that is not too bad. But, everything will book up fast after the 1st major winter storm. (Assuming that happens before X-mas)

You might was to read this post by Alpinedad on TGR:


psst: I would go to UT or CO. maybe WA or OR.
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Having spent several holliday weeks at Tahoe I would say that after Jan 1st. the crowds thin considerably. The prices for accomodations should go down as well. 2 yrs ago it snowed like crazy, last year we rock skied. Who knows this year
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Concur with the above.

But if you can tell us specific dates, that might help with suggesting accommodations. (If you were thinking about something on the earlier side, I could at least help with the reasonably priced aspect, since we won't be heading up to our 3br/2ba at the base of Alpine until the evening of December 28.)
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With Christmas and New Year's day falling on Tuesdays, I'm thinking the crowds may be a little more spread out. My guess is that the maximum crowds will be there from Wednesday Dec. 26th through Monday December 30th. New Year's Eve and Day are never that busy.

In terms of where to stay and where to ski. Tahoe City is very central and would allow you to ski multiple areas. (The traffic to Squaw and Alpine can be pretty bad, but you can work around that). If you can financially swing staying at Squaw, that would be my primary recomendation.

Squaw Valley is the only "must ski" place at Tahoe. After that I'd go to Kirkwood, Sugar Bowl, Alpine, in that order.
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I really appreciate the responses. We will be there Dec. 28 to Jan 3. I notice that many of the places already have no availablity on those dates. The vrbo website was a great tip.
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Since you will have to reserve well ahead of time given those dates, I wouldn't chance it. Tahoe weather at that time is too fickle to guarantee good conditions. Feb-March is a whole different ballgame. I live in the Bay area, and we're going to Alta in January.
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I would also avoid the advance commitment at holiday prices. It's early, but since we've seen half of November with minimal snow the odds for Christmas have to be somewhat below average.
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