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New Baselayer

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I am in search of a new baselayer. I usually ski in temps around 20 degrees. I have been using Under Armor (Cold Gear) for a couple of years, but I don't think it insulates well. Maybe the problem is my mid layer, which is just a $30.00 Columbia Polyester Fleece? I am currently using a Helly Hansen hard shell.

Any suggestions on baselayers would be helpful. I see a great deal of positive feedback on the Patagonia, but I have no idea of what level and if I should go with wool or capilene?

Thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted by River Hill View Post
Maybe the problem is my mid layer, which is just a $30.00 Columbia Polyester Fleece?
How thick is it?

Do you get sweat pooling?

Do you get wind blowing through?
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I don't sweat much, but I do feel some wind.

I was just on Patagonia's website and I noticed they do not offer a 3/4 length pants base layer. I will want something that I don't have to tuck in my boot.
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The best bast layer I have ever used is the Brynje polypro mesh sold only by Reliable Racing Supply ( It is like a fishnet which when worn under a solid base layer allows air circulation but the air pockets insulate. It is popular with cross-country skiers. I have used the same sets for ten years or so; it is very durable.
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I wear a pair of 100 weight marmot fleece tights. If it is cold I wear a pair of patagonia expedition weight over that.
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Do you have a gore tex jacket? I have a gore tex jacket and just throw on a t-shirt or two with my jacket, and I never get cold (skiied when it was 10 degrees last year and still wasnt cold). Might want to look into a good jacket if thats the case.
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Smartwool or some other merino wool (ibex, patagonia, etc.) is the best for comfort I've found for cold weather stop and go base layer. Don't feel clamy if you sweat. Dry and warm.
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Thanks for the feedback. I will check out some options.
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