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WME "Playground" Quiver

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Went to Warren Miller's "Playground" at the theatre last night. Lobby swag included a big thick mag - Warren Miller's SnoWorld with behind the scenes of "Playground" that included a section on the "PlayGround" quiver. I find it interesting that Salomon is represented twice - based on the old Pocket Rocket design, except with wood cores. Yea, I know... it's all just crass commercialism, but all ski info is. I would like to get quiver info from about the last five Warren Miller films. Here is the listed quiver:

Jon Olsson - Ski = Head Jon Olsson Pro Model $710. This is the one with the blonde babes on the top sheet. "My main objective is to design skis as light as possible, which is very important when doing aerial maneuvers."

Austin Ross. Ross used the skis to do park stuff in the Dubai indoor ski park. Amazing! - Ski = Rossignol Ghetto $630. "The Ghetto twin tips employs WRS technology - concentrating wood and fiberglass under the foot (where you need it most) while reducing material at the tip and tail to lighten it. 'The flex pattern allows for nose and tail presses on rails and butters on jumps," says Ross." (Hmmm.. sounds like taking notes from the Soloman Spaceframe design.)

Sean Pettit, skiing deep powder in Hokkaido, Japan. Ski = K2 Bad Seed $350. A junior ski, "The Bad Seed is a big mountain twin tip for groms, with an 85 millimeter waist. It's a solid platform for surfing powder and making smooth landings, but it has enough sidecut to carve on groomers as well."

Ok... what in the hell is a grom?

Kevin Quinn, Points North Heli Skiing, Alaska. Ski = Rossignol B-Quad $979. ".....It's the ski that Goldilocks chose - not too fat, not too skinny. 'The Quads have plenty of float and offer stiffness that bigger guys prefer in a big mountain ski,' says Quinn."

Cody Townsend, Todrillo Mountains, Alaska. Ski = Salomon 198 X-Wing Lab $1,115. ".... 'The new X-Wing Lab skis like an F-16 flies,' says Townsend. These planks unload powerful, monstrous arcs in open terrain yet ski nimbly in a variety of snow conditions. Part of Salomon's exclusive Lab series, the X-Wing has a full wood core and measures 95 millimeters underfoot for stability and flotation. 'They are my weapons of choice in big terrain,' says Townsend."

Peter Olenick, Aspen Mountain, Colorado. Ski = Salomon Gun Lab $925. "...Salomon's new iteration of the limited-edition Gun Lab features a wood core that Olenick likes for both park-and-pipe and big mountain skiing. 'Early models chattered a bit. This one doesn't, while keeping the same proven shape and dimensions.'...."
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a grom is a young kid who rips.
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