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Look Nova 9s OK?

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Hi there,

I came across several pairs of Nova 9s (04/05?) at a local retailer for $30. DIN range is 2.5 - 9 and the bindings seem very lightweight, which matches my goals for a binding for our 11YO daughter to use on her off-piste skis. She's usually on her groomers for race training and free skiing but we're setting her up with a pair of soft snow skis this year too.

I like the light weight of the bindings and think it could be a good match for those times she needs to hike from the top of the chair to get to the backside, bowls, etc. The price is nice, too, but not if the bindings aren't appropriate for her.

Would this be a reasonable binding for a good young skier?

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Yes. Good price, good match for what you want.
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Seconded. I have three pairs of Look Jr Team 7s (same binding with a slightly softer spring) waiting to be mounted on my kids' skis, and a pair of Nova 10s (same binding with a slightly stronger spring) ready to mount on my wife's. The Nova/NX/Axium binding is a nice lightweight and resilient setup for someone who isn't putting ridiculous stresses on the clamps.
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Thanks for the info...appreciate it!
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