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Summit County 9-13 Dec! - Page 3

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Sounds fantastic Don and here in Dillon there has been about 4 inches since I arrived at 2:00

See you and Glen on Monday and to think I was VERY close to backing out of this trip a week ago.

I may even try my new ski's tomorrow:
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I bet A was great today. The snow hit the front range this evening. I'm looking forward to Tue/Wed!
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Tomorrow (monday) - driving to the Basin from Denver?

Anyone want to share a ride? I can drive (room for 4) or ride, your choice. My only limitation is I cannot leave before 7:30.
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Great day at Copper today and tomorrow it's Vail.

If anyone would like to hook up post here and we can meet at the top of the gondola at 9:30.

Breck or keystone are possible as well if there's any interest this late in the game?

More snow tonight:
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Who's voice is that?

Dear Mr. jgiddyup; I don’t know just who I’m going to get…but I’ll get somebody.

Here I’m workin for the man while thinking positive thoughts about you and garyskr, perhaps ssh, skiing at Vail. Certainly disappointed since I could not join up due to work.


I find my cell phone has a message on it at lunchtime…yes from your phone…but not your voice. NO, but a rather haunting voice; a voice only a mother could love. This voice tells me that I’m missing knee to thigh high white flakes. Damn that voice.

Could that voice be associated with the initials UL?!::
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Oh…and UL’s sidekick…SC?! Do those initials ring any bells?

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Damn that voice indeed Don

I had to listen to it as well as Garyskr and myself yelling YAHOO as we skied powder ALL DAY:

Breckenridge tomorrow meeting downstairs at Ten mile station at 9:45.

Ten mile is immediately to the left of the top of the Quicksilver lift for any and all interested.:
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Damn, you guys enjoy. It'll be the weekend before I'm able to get back up there. Jim, sorry I missed you AGAIN! I had the chance to stay and ski Monday, but I was pooped after the boot camp.

BTW, there's a sweetheart from NYC that's in Summit County as we speak also. Hopefully I get to 'hook up' with her this weekend.
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Going at it again in January Mike and I'm sure we'll hook up then, but sorry we didn't connect.

Tell Tiff we said hello and I've heard rumor of that NYC sweetheart in the area.

Breck tomorrow for anyone that can make it.
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Great time with you all... Vail was the ticket on Wednesday... well chosen!
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