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Ski Patrol Jargon

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My sis and I were up at our local hill the other day and I heard a bit of patroler jargon which sparked my curiosity. Some patroler up around the summit of the mountian was talking about a "Green Goblin" What would that be?
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Where you been son? That's Spiderman's nemesis of course.
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Well, dang - image of the green goblin never made it up. Must be one of those gremlins messing with me.

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Not like spiderman's nemisis. They actually said something to the effect of "We've got a green goblin on ____ trail. Somebody needs to check it out." So I don't think they were talking about that ugly green dude who rides around on the scooter thingy trying to kill spiderman [img]smile.gif[/img] .
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in this day & age you just never know though!

I'm guessing it was something anoying though.
we had one about sunscreen when the boss was about one week, then the boss started giving the patrollers free sticks of screen as a joke.

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Zac, I'm no patroller, but if it was referred to a person, I would interpret it as:
Green= somebody new to the sport, a beginner (or maybe new to the resort)
Goblin = who behaves in the wrong way
As if a beginner or newcomer, not behaving as due, and maybe on the wrong trail.

But then, that's the way I would read it.
Any Patroller out there?
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Sounds like a phlegm problem. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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