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New magazine for Married Men

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And there is no way to end the subscription.
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Couloir- sure there is!

But it'll cost you...dearly!

Usually about half of anything you have ever owned, presently own, or will ever own! :
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Clearly you don't understand how "Community Property" is defined.

What is hers, is hers,
What is yours, is ours
and what is ours, is hers.
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Q: Why is divorce so expensive?

A: Because it's worth it!
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Originally Posted by couloir8 View Post
And there is no way to end the subscription.
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During the Clinton administration the FBI Director was William Sessions. He had, to put it politely, a domineering wife. Her headstrong and lavish behavior eventually contributed along with Sessions own failings to his early dismissal as Director. An old Washington Post article on this story used a fancy word for "whipped". It was a multi-syllable word I had never heard of. I have not seen this word again, but it was a real word and not profane. Anybody know the term I am thinking of?
Go ahead and lay the best punch lines you can on me in response to this question, but I also hope someone comes up with the real term.
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Who else cannot relate to this thread? :
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