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Joem yes I coach but not just bumps all skiing moguls racing ect. I like to do it all and can ski the zipper but know there is more to it. The last post was by a bump competitor that has skied competively for over 10 years. The only way to see who is right is to go skiing and make this a little more fun and bmm your information is 99% wrong. The problem here is nobody listens to anyone and everyone is a know it all. The reality is that skiing would be a way to see first hand who is right or wrong willing to meet any where. Seems anyone who thinks there tech is better would be willing to show me. Not on video in person. Joem are you going to selections at Park City in Dec. Enough is enough.Come prove it, I'm willing to prove my point.
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Originally Posted by cvj View Post
and bmm your information is 99% wrong.
Oh really? That's awfully interesting. Why don't you show me exactly how 99% of my info is wrong. I've devoted much of my past year working on developing the world's most comprehensive mogul skiing website. I've been corresponding with 8 or 9 current pros as well as several coaches who tell me my information is 99% correct. How interesting that you know so much more than they do.

I think we really ought to go ski sometime. That should clear some things up for all of us.
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Originally Posted by tdk6 View Post
Thanks BMM for your comments. Im 6foot2 and my poles are 135cm.
Definitely want to get something a little shorter for the bumps!

This is not WC Tech offcourse but with the corrections suggested by Joe and BMM I think I or anybody else could make the jump into the zipper line quite easy.
For anyone who missed it, that's exactly the point we've been trying to make the whole time. Tdk hit the nail on the head. Anyone who has the fundamental techniques of skiing down is entirely capable of becoming a proficient WC-style bumper. And as tdk pointed out, that doesn't have to mean ripping the line as fast as possible. It's a combination of body positioning and applying the fundamentals of quality skiing, and adapting them to a bump field.
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cvj, I asked if you were a coach because I am suprised you never have your athletes ski slowly as a drill. Skiing half or quarter speed is always a good drill. I am not going to Selections because I only coach adults now. I do not have the luxury of being able to take off and ski anywhere I like. How would your athletes feel about you putting down the sport they choose to compete in? If you think it is such a joke why do you participate in it.? I am not trying to start a fight, I would just think that in your line of work you would have a bit more respect for the sport and the athletes you coach. I'm always at Mammoth if you can make the trip it would be fun to compare styles.
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cvj, reading your post again. When you teach little kids to ski bumps, little guys who want to compete, do you not teach them how to ski slowly first in a competitive style? You kind of confuse me cause, I don't understand how you coach kids to ski fast competitive style without first teaching them the basics slowly. Your comp kids never ski the line slow or do drills on the flats? Really? I'm shocked.
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Can someone please define WC for me. I watched the videos and it just looks like solid skiing to me. I started bumps using what I believe was called the jet turn then moved to what I call a "hop and chop" type of technique. Now I keep my feet on the ground and make round mostly carved two footed turns. There are lots of ways to ski bumps. I'm pretty middle aged and like low impact. I can ski them at any speed. Is this WC?
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This question was posed in a thread earlier. My answer was as follows:

To put it as concisely as possible, WC mogul skiing involves the following

>Stacked stance
>Shoulders square down fall line
>Quiet (still) upper body
>Shin2tongue pressure
>Standing tall
>Hips forward
>Eyes up and looking ahead
>Skiing the fall line
>Tight stance (but not necessarily locked ankles, a little space is okay)
>Short radius turns, initiated at the ankles and executed with knee/hip angulation (but not dropping hip like in alpine carving)
>Weight on downhill ski
>Full A&E, including some pre-absorption to minimize knee stress
>Lead change heading into next turn
>Aiming for "corner" of bump
>Arms up and forward
>Light pole plants on backside of moguls (patience, patience, patience)
>Aggressive, athletic skiing
>Completely in control

For more details, try http://www.mogulskiing.net/mogul_ski...que_guide.html.
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Originally Posted by Max_501 View Post
Do any of the WC tech bumpers have any montages like these:


That would be a big help in learning the WC tech being discussed.

One of my forum members just posted a montage that demonstrates the mogul carve, if anyone is still interested.

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Number 3 there it is, number 7 sliding again.

Thanks, I see the carve - brief. But I'm not HH or PsIa.
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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post
Number 3 there it is, number 7 sliding again.

Thanks, I see the carve - brief. But I'm not HH or PsIa.
# 3 is light contact or contouring on the backside during the extension, he's steering his ski into the landing spot of the upcoming absortion.

#7 looks like he's sliding but more like steering, he's still using the ski edge to stay in the line.
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