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We've been skiing Loveland regularly since mid-October (wonderful packed-powder conditions).

Not surprisingly, race-clubs and kids ski-teams converge on the mountain for early season training.

As a rec skier for 35 years, with decent technique, I marvel at these kids.

11 year-old girls, giddy and goofy in the lunch-line, get on their skis and astound me with their technical finesse. They ski like little tigers, with flawless form (at least to my eyes).

It amazes me that kids can achieve such polished prowess so young. It's a tribute to their coaches, and their parents' wallets and dedication, that they become so good so quickly.

As a guy who appreciates skill on skis, watching these tykes, and their older brethren, from the lift, is like watching a perfect dance - a pleasure to behold.