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Need a ski tuning video

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I’m a coordinator for a ski club with the job of coordinating races and helping parents. The kids are ages 5ish to 11, so many of the parents are new to ski tuning, some are intimidated by the thought of tuning, and some just don't do anything. We give some tuning clinics, but not all the parents can make it (there are 70 – 80 kids at this level). I’m looking for a good video on ski tuning for the parents to purchase. It would be particularly good if the video covered both basic and more advanced tuning skills so the parents with some experience could get something out of it as well. Does anyone know of such a video and where I could get one.


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I have watched several of the ones on the market and decided to sell this one because it offered the best balance of advanced and basic instructions and it covered all the essentials.

Here is a link to the tuning DVD.

...covers the basics to the high-tech with extra tips/tricks. Includes: Side/base edge beveling; sidewall removal; sharpening & stoning; edge polishing; de-tuning edges; base prep, waxing, brushing and rotobrushing; minor base repair; Stone grinding and base structure and how to use a true bar.

I am being forced to raise the price from $23.99 to $27.99 to comply with MSRP rules. If you think you might want some, buy now (I have to adjust by tomorrow). If you want more later, write and I will give you a group/club price.
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A couple years ago I purchased "SKI TUNING WITH HAND TOOLS" by Seth Masia. It is quite basic and should get your guys on the way. Mine is Tape, I believe I purchased from Tognar. Check it out. If you want to preview prior to purchase I can lend you my copy. Send PM if interested.
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Thanks - that is exactly what I had in mind - ordered one today.

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