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Opine on a new skier's equipment

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I have been lurking for 4+ months and have done a lot of research here.

I started skiing last winter. Currently it's Michigan only, and it will be that way for a few years.

I took 2.5 hours of instruction, and skied about 6 FULL days. I can ski most blues and all greens I have come across. I think I'm advancing quickly...certainly more than 2 friends of mine who have the same experience so far.

I'm 6'3", 190#-ish. I can't say whether I like speed, turns, or other styles yet.

I have rented until this point (154cm and 162cm crappy rental skis). I decided that if I could catch good deals, I could recoup my cost of renting for this year pretty quickly. So, I did a bunch or research and got some good deals on stuff that should fit me. The purchases have been made, so I guess I'm looking for some opinions that will not necessarily change my buying activities (I'm only oin for $255 at this point)

I have a pair of (New) 2005 solomon Performa 5 boots (they fit like a dream on my wide feet).
I have a pair of (New) 2005 K2 Omni 5.5 skis in 181cm length with Marker bindings.
I have a pair of K2 poles (if anyone cares).

I have not skied these yet (no snow in Mi yet), but I've cleaned and waxed them according to various guideslines on this site.

What can I expect? Am I going to be a bit over-skied to begin with?

Am I going to struggle with the extra 20+ cm at first?

There is very little feedback on the boots, but of the 15+ dozen I tried on, they fit the best.

Other thoughts?
(If this should go in ghte first-timers forum, I appologize)
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$255 for never used, late model skis/boots/poles is a pretty low cost way to get into the sport. You may struggle a bit with that length at first, but they sound like forgiving skis and you're a big guy, so in short order you'll be glad for the extra edge over little rentals. Go have fun. You will enjoy not messing with rental lines/hassle. Whether it's $255 or $1,255, nothing like new gear to get you stoked for the start of ski season.
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Sounds to me like a great set-up, at least on the skis (I don't know much about boots so can't really say). Those are versatile skis and, if you ask me, that length is absolutely perfect for you. As long as you're not looking to make tons of hyper-fast slalom-like turns on steep icy conditions or reaching super-fast speeds, it seems to me that your Omnis should prove predictable, forgiving, lively learning platforms that take you where you want to go.
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K2 Omni 5.5 are very forgiving & great to learn on. The 181cm size is acceptable for a guy your size, be happy.

Congrats on some great buying!

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