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Bear's invade Deer Valley !

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Thanks to Ydnar's invitation to a free Deer Vally lift pass and an informal clinic.A few of the Utah Bears pluse one New York Bear met up at Deer Valley on Friday for a littel spring skiing and a end of the season Clinic.Ydnar is a true professional.Right form the start you can see his love of Skiing and Teaching.
It's great to put a face to some of the names that we see here so often.
Mary,Harpo,Rubob and Jamesdeluxe It was a pleasure meeting all of you and skiing with you.Hope we can do something like this again, if not this season then early next season.
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Hey Utah, i hate to say it, but this bear invaded DV 14 years ago. lol
Wish i could of join ya, didn't knwo you all were gonna meet. Maybe next year.
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Hey TR
Number 1, One bear even if it's a Big Dog Bear like you, does not make an invasion.
Number 2, You need to keep up with the topics Here.
Number 3,Were you working? I was looking for you.
Number 4, We are going to try and do an early season gathering Preseason warm up next season.
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okok, you got me on #2 i haven't been keeping up .hahaha
#3 i had the day off, first in 13 days.
#4 i'll try to make the preseason warm up
Have a great summer Utah49
If you get this before morning, i'll be working Sultan /MayFlower, ski on over, er paddle on over
Drop into Oshucks Sunday night, Monday afternoon, i'll buy ya a beer or two

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It was great meeting all you guys; and a really fun day. Thanks Yadnar; It was a great lesson; we actually worked pretty hard on polishing our turns all day; I learned a great deal. And it's always a pleasure to ski with people who are so focused. We all enjoyed watching Mary do tele turns in the slush bumps. I fell down more times Friday than I have all season trying to think about what I was doing. Snow in the pit zaps.. We ranged pretty much the whole mountain and skied trees, bumps, steeper stuff and a lot of pretty funky ungroomed snow.. or "interesting" stuff..the idea being that with the proper technique that it all becomes equally skiable.. So most of us were pushed a bit out of our comfort zones, with the exception of Harpo and Mary, who seem comfortable in almost anything. We Worked with Pierre Eh's bump theory.. at least we discussed it, but then again we also speculated where the DOD used to hide the ICBM'S around the Wasatch...sort of the same thing.. And we, of course, luxurated in the beautiful sunshine eating a fabulous lunch.
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Where are the pictures?
Where is the traditional movie?

Glad to hear you had great time!
Keep making turns (one for me too, please).
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TR It's to bad I have to work today or else I would pond skim on over and say Hi.Then again,I may Just have to take you up on that offer of a Beer at Oshucks.
Jamesdeluxe took some pics and said he will be posting them on Tuesday.
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Hey guys, sounds like everybody had a good time! Sorry that I missed it. Hopefully next time!
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Well, I didn't manage it on Friday either, but I did take the "little lady" up yesterday for some very nice end of the season slush skiing! We never made it over to Mayflower, but had some great turns up on Empire and then a lot of kicking back on the deck of the 'Hirsch.

Cheers to another great season over at DV!
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Did any one see the 'Streaking' skier on Birdseye around 4pm Sunday Afternoon.?
The radio went nuts with traffic about it. Nope they never got caught.

Thanks to every one who skied Deer Valley this past season. What a season it was.
New for next year , our 7th high speed quad, details another time. : :
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Well That should put the myth to rest That you have to have on the latest ski fashions in order to ski Deer Valley.
She was over heard saying just before her run "If I can't wear my Prada skiwear Then I'll wear nothing at all!" :
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btw,,, the streaker was a male
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Bad news about one of the Bears...

Howdy folks,

I skied with James/Jamesdeluxe at the Canyons on Sunday. I had some free passes and we hooked up over the Internet. I gave him a pass for Sunday and Monday.

I had a good time skiing with James on Sunday, one could tell he had an enthusiasm for the sport. I even convinced him to have a ride up 9990, he handled it with aplomb.

I eagerly checked this board this morning to see his post on his trip to Utah. I figured James must have gotten busy at work and didn't have time to post. So, off I go to work...

At work I find I have a message on my machine. I listen to the message, it's James and he says he is still in town! At this point I'm thinking "sweet! I have tomorrow off and more free passes!", he continues on to state that he is at the University of Utah and call him for the rest of the story. Hmmm, now my thoughts have totally changed!

I gave him a call immediately. I hate to say it but one of the Bears has gone down. James broke his femur just below the hip. To hear him describe it made me cringe. He sounded quite upbeat and eager to get back into skiing shape by next season.

If anyone has a chance be sure and drop him a card or note:


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,

Bob McMann
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That is brutal. I don't even like thinking about a broken femur, gives me the shivers. I hope he is at least enjoying his meds. : Here's hoping for a quick recovery.
Send him an e-mail or 20, he is a fun guy to ski with as are Rubob, Utah49, Harpo and Ydnar. Friday was a hoot!

Hey Utah49, check your PM.
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thanks bob!
i'd been wondering what was up with him. i too am a new york bear, and was almost going to join him on that trip. i'd posted a message to him in a couple different places saying "SOOOOO, how WAS it!?!!?" and was very surprised not to be met with the usual enthusiasm you mentioned!. . . . . from what i can tell of him i'm sure he'll be "back on his skis" by next season. . . .here's to a speedy recovery for him and all the bears that went down this season!
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Holy smokes guys; And James is so great. I'm just around the corner from the hospital and my wife works there. I'll try to look him up, but if anyone knows his last name, send me a P.M. and I'll see if he's up for a visit. This totally sucks.
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Ya i'd like to go visit James. Could some one also please pm me with his last name or rooom #?
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Seems like James is on his way home to Brooklyn; happy landings..get well soon. R
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James if you read this I'm so sorry you broke your leg. That along with a torn ACL is not a souvenir any body wants to take home from a ski trip. Get well and take care of that leg Maybe Lisa Marie can give you some tips to help your rehab along. It was great skiing with you Hope to see you in Utah again.
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I just got back to Gotham an hour ago... three days late.

The Utah Bears meeting at DV last Friday was just fantastic. I had a great time with everyone, and really learned a lot from each person. Ydnar is an incredible instructor -- his enthusiasm for skiing is contagious, and he really makes you want to get better. Just don't ask him to show you the inside of his boots... you'll wonder how he manages to ski at all!

It was a real pleasure meeting and skiing with all the other Bears (Rubob, Harpo, Mary, Utah49) as well. We didn't stop talking the entire day!

Unfortunately, as Bob Mc let you know, I had a bit of an accident on Monday, and I'm going to be unable to post the pics from Deer Valley at this moment. I'll try to get them up by late next week.
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Best wishes for a quick and full recovery.
Remember, next winter awaits you!
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Sorry to hear of your accident - Glad you made it home OK. Good luck with the recovery.
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I should check this board more often.


Bummer dude. Sorry to hear the news about your leg. Get better by next season so that you will be able to get out here again. I'll have a coupon or two with your name on them.

Maybe when you get out here I'll be set up to do alignment work and we can stick a hunk of wood in your boot.

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James, sorry to hear about that. Thats a pretty bad injury, and I hope that it heals quickly. Feel better soon!
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