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Dalbello Krypton Cross or Pro?

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I seek advice on the Krypton Cross and Pro which I hope you can help me with

My Data:
*) Age: 34
*) Height: 191 cm (about 6.25 feet)
*) Physical shape: I am not very strong but not weak either.
*) Weight: 85-88 Kg (About 190 pounds)
*) Skiing skill:
+ 3 x 8 days on skis + 2 odd skiing weekends.
+ Like red slopes (the alps grading) a lot and like medium to semi fast but not lightning fast. Can also navigate a black slope but with slower speed.
+ I will propably only ski 8 days a year maybe sometime a bit more.

A week ago I went to my local shop and tried a Krypton Rampage. The fit was good. However, I have read much about the cold toes people are getting in these (I am prone to cold feet myself). Therefore I turned to alternatives like the Cross, Pro og Il moro. Yesterday I went to another shop that carries a broader range of Dalbellos. Here I tried:

*) Cross (with Trufit Comp. liner as the version with ID silver liner was not in stock at the shop)
The fit was snug but very comfortable. Better than the rampage. Guess it must be the difference between two versions of Trufit liners. Also I wore a slightly thiner skiing sock.

*) Il moro (ID silver liner)
It is hard to describe the fit except to say that it was a very thight fit with an uniform "pressure" all around the foot. Not uncomfortable but like having your foot in a vacuum bag. Side by side the Cross (with Trufit liner) seemed loose (Not really but I hope you know what I mean). Flex seemed the same as the Cross. The cuff is fastened higher up with the rubber strap which put a weird preasure on my leg/calf. If I loosended the top strap a bit to release the preasure on the leg there would be a small gab behind my calf and the rear cuff. The ID liner was very warm in the shop and my feet was sweating a lot more in the Il Moro than in the Cross with Trufit liner.

My local shop can get all Dalbello boots and based on the above trial I am leaning toward the Cross but with the ID liner. They will try look for a date when the Dalbello Rep is visiting the shop so he can help with the molding process.


Will the "Vacuum" feel lessen when the ID liner has been molded to my feet thereby providing more comfort? Or will the stock liner be more comfortable for my level?

If I go with the ID liner Wíll I be better off with the Pro rather than the Cross? As I understand it the Pro with the soft tongue is the same as a Cross except for the
gold ID liner.

Related to 2: How much stiffer is the gold over the silver ID liner? What about comfort?

Related to 2+3:Be honest, will the Pro on the softest setting be too much for my level? Will I be tired quickly or will it feel comfortable 6-7h of skiing?

5) When modling the ID liner should I prefer a thin sock or a thicker for more comfort later on? (I will get custom footbeds made that we can use during the liner modling)

Thanks for all the advice you might provide
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Get the thermofit fit liner whichever model you get, it will be the best fit.
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I'd sooner see you in a Cross than a Pro, but teh Pro shell can be set up identical to the Cross, just the liner will be a bit stiffer.
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Thanks to both of you.

I will order the Cross with silver ID liner tomorow. Then hope the Dalbello Rep will come by the shop soon :-).

When I went to the shop which had Il Moro and Croos (with non ID liner) I should have tried the ID liner from the Moro in the Cross but I did not think about it at the time. Anyway I feel comfortable with getting the Cross and the ID liner if the Dalbello Rep will come to the shop and help with the molding process.

For my level should the sock that holds toe cap and custom footbed in place during molding be a nylon stocking, a thin ski sock or a medium ski sock for best comfort afterwards?

Besides not being so stiff as the gold ID liner I assume the silver ID liner will be a tad more on the comfortable and forgiving side? Anyway I have decided to go with the Cross just curious .

Gah now I have to decide between two color schemes...

Thanks for you not minding my endless questions .

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Go w/ a thin sock, I use the polyprop. Silk would also be nice.
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