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need some advice on clearance skis

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Heya, Last year I rented a pair of rossi zenith's x3, my first ever rental of parabolics and I loved them. I ended up giving my 12 year old skis, to my friend and didn't look back.

I'm 6'1'' and weigh 235lbs. My ski level is intermediate, with most of my skiing experience in the East ( Massif and Tremblant). I'm looking at clearance skis right now, as I only ski about 10 days a year. I'm after an All mountain short turner, and am wondering what would suit me best, so far the deals I have seen at local shops:

Atomic 9.18 and bindings, $329 (170cm)
Atomic R10 with 614 bindings, $329 (170cm)
Rossi cut 10.4 with axiom 95, $150 (177cm)
Dynastar contact x10 with look px12, $299 (172cm)
Volki SuperSport with Marker E11a, $250 (168cm)
Volki AC1 unlimited with motion tt, $360 (170cm)

Any advice would surely be appreciated.

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Hi Artdent,

Welcome to Epic.

Not to criticize, but the price range you list should provide you with better gear than the skis you have listed. Were these found at retail? Are you willing to buy on line?

For example: http://www.levelninesports.com/head-...0cm-p-870.html

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the quick reply. The skis and bindings I listed are indeed retail, clearance section of most of the bigger stores in my area (Toronto). I'll admit that I didn't search reviews on all the skis I listed, but the atomic 9-18's had great reviews. Most of the skis are also old stock from previous years, which were double or triple the price back then -- so I assumed they must be better than average.

Didn't think of buying on-line due to additional shipping costs and duty.

Can I get a better package new than those I listed?
($250-350 skis and bindings)?

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How many stars on the supersports?
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Sorry Ghost, no idea.
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I agree with Michael.

I'm no expert (52, 160#, PSIA level 8) but I was given a pair of IM 72 with Railflex bindings which I really like for groomers and worked adequately for me on the steeps and bumps here in Taos. As for shipping , Level9 sports charges 25$ for shipping to Canada - for details see


I've bought from them & found them really good. They have a fairly extensive stock list and a comprehensive ski selector.

Check them out & see what meets your budget.

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I bought bindings from Ski Depot last year. No problems. You will have a hard time beating some of these deals..
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Based on your price range and the list given - look at the Contact 10 very seriously. That is a very good ski - especially at that price point.

More importantly - do you have boots? If you don't have modern, well fitting boots, you need to get some.


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How does level nine sports compare to other ski gear websites I see that there is a 50-70% off of retail but sometimes those can be misleading?
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Originally Posted by TaosMath View Post

I'm no expert (52, 160#, PSIA level 8)
WOW!!!!! a PSIA level 8 !!!!!!!!! ::::
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Art, I've had good luck ordering online from Al's ski barn -- www.untracked.com

I've no affiliation with them, but have gotten what I feel were some good deals on skis there. I know they have binding/pole/ski packages...check them out.

Boots....best to buy local and get the right fit if your funds permit.
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I went to the online sites and liked what I saw at the level nine site, came up with these:

2006 Head LXRC 1100 Super railflex 170cm $219
plus $89 for the SLD railflex2 binding?
plus $25 for shipping
plus insurance, duty?, and taxes.


Any thoughts?

As well, locally, the contact 10's look very tempting if they are known to be solid performers.

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Just a quick update, after much thought on the responses and some follow-up research, I spent a little more and found a nice pair of Contact 11's 172cm with the px12 ti bindings. A shop less than 10 minutes from my house had one pair left on sale for $550.

I figure I'll have these skis for at least 5 years and for a few hundred more I have new skis rather than the used ones I mentioned at the beginning of this thread.

I think this is a good price for these new boards.

Thanks for your feedback.
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Who pi$$ed in your corn flakes, the guy said he isn't an expert.
Originally Posted by volklskier1 View Post
WOW!!!!! a PSIA level 8 !!!!!!!!! ::::
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By the way, "parabolic" was used by Elan on their shaped skis several years ago. I think they found a way to trade-mark the description. No other brand uses that description, and Elan no longer uses the term. The sidecut on Elans was a parabolic curve at that time, but no longer.
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the volkl star series is not user friendly for intermediate skiers as it has a de-tuned slalom flex, that is stiffer at the tip and tail to hook fast into the turn and jet out of it, and softer in the middle to make weight shifts fore and aft more pronounced. not the way you want to ski.
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