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AC40 Reviews (Anyone?)

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I know it will tear down the groomers but im looking to see how it performed in the tight trees, bumps (hard and soft conditions) and any other condition thrown at it. Those who have skied them im wondering how they compare to the infamous Mantras or even the new Bridges Volkls came out with . I'm looking for a one ski quiver for west coast conditions, I prefer off-piste, tight trees, and of coarse soft snow if its around. Whats the best (Volkl) choice for my one and only ski? I may also be fortunate enough to pick up a cheap pair of gotamas so im trying to decide which ski would best complement the fatty goats to cover any conditions. Any thoughts?
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The AC-4/40 is stiff and has a pretty agressive shape. Those characteristics generally favor hard snow over soft and produces a demanding ride in bumps. The stiffness does provide enough power to slice crud but you shouldn't expect much float in any kind of deepish conditions. The AC 4/40 would be a reasonable choice as a complement to a Gotama. If you don't get the Gotama, then the wider models make more sense.

Between the Mantra and the Bridge, the Mantra is better at carving firm snow than the Bridge, but the Bridge would be better for everything else that you describe. I own a Mantra and a Gotama (among others), but for a one ski quiver for the West, I'd choose the Bridge every time.

Do a search for AC-4 and you'll get plenty of information, much of it contradictory of course.

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I have reviewed that ski a couple of times, both in AC4 and AC40 trim.

AC4 Review and comparison: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=36575

AC40 mention (lots of similar skis tested): http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=53095

There are plenty of other threads if you a search. I would agree with SJ on the characteristics of the AC40: it is a like a wide race ski, which is both good and bad. Good from the standpoint in that it rips groomers at speed, but is more forgiving and has much more versatility than the standard race ski, but bad from the standpoint that it is demanding off-piste and among the least verstaile 80-85mm skis. It really depends on what you like.
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I demoed the AC4 two years, late season at Kirkwood, CA. in a 177cm.
I was good on the groomers, not great, too stiff in the spring bumps, too

I'm 5'7" and 180lbs.

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thanks for the imput, it's been helpful, i think i'll stay away from the AC. I'm looking for something a little more versatile. Anyone skied the Line Prophets? 90's in particular.
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My .02,

177 AC40 - fun, but too short for me
184 AC40 - fun, but too turny for me
177 Bridge - really fun, would be better for me in a 185 (didn't have it to ski)
184 Mantra - best out of the bunch. Could use more stiffness throughout the ski (especially in the tip)

All of the above skis are great, but for me the Mantra does everything better.

My experience was that when I'm skiing crud and am coming up onto a pile of snow, I want to pressure the tip of the ski and drive through the pile. The Mantra does that, where as the Bridge and AC40 both turn before I get there. Also, I can just rail the Mantra on hard pack, like my SG's of old.

Oh yeah, I don't consider any of them "stiff". Explosiv's are stiff.

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