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screwed by airlines....

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thought i'd share... my mother was going to take my 15 yr old sister and one of my sister's 16 yr old friends to england... my sister's friend, who seems sorta half-baked to begin with, recently decided that no, HE wasn't going to go (yeah, he...i don't really understand that part...what teenaged guy would want to go w/ a teenaged girl and her mother on a trip? it'd be awkward as hell, i'd think...but whatever). trouble is she already bought the tickets. no refunds. no voucher. when she bought them she HAD to put the kids name on the ticket, now the only person who can USE the ticket is the 16 yr old kid whose name is on it. so she paid $650 for an empty seat to london. the kid isn't old enough to sign a contract, he doesn't even have a passport... seems like stuff like this shouldn't happen. anybody have a suggestion?
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If there was any consent by the parents ..... sounds like we may see this on The Peoples Court with Judge Wapner.

Glad you posted this cause my 14 year old daughter was just asked to accompany her close friend to Club Med over Easter ..... not my kinda thing but it'll allow us to ski in peace for a change. But I'll sure ask some hard Q's or heer parents before I pay for the tickets.
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my mom was kind of forced to take him b/c of that. my sister invited the kid along, kid tells parents, parents get all excited and start planning things w/ kid and sister, sister tells mom.

the main concern is being saddled w/ a $650 seat.

edit: the difference in your case is that you're paying for the tickets. my mom was forced to buy right away to secure the seats and the price.

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Screwed by airlines? It sounds like your sister's friend is more responsible for the situation than the airlines.
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true. first topic that came to mind.
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your sisters friend should learn to take responsibility for his decisions.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jane:
your sisters friend should learn to take responsibility for his decisions.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

well said Miss Jane.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Auxcrinier:
true. first topic that came to mind.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

When I saw the topic, I thought I could have added in a story, not about airlines, but about an air stewardess.

Anyway, back on topic, I have friends (3 sisters called Naomi, Leah & Rachel) They used to book tickets as Miss N.L.R. Smyth, then if the one who wanted to go couldn't make it, on of the others could make the trip.
I don't think they do that anymore, 2 of them are married - different surname now, but it was a great way to make sure someone used the ticket.

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Get kids parents to reimburse you and give them the ticket. They should be able to use funds towards a different ticket, it costs $70 to change destination and dates.

I used to fly a lot and the airline have always been able to count unused airfare towards a different ticket. They should not wait too long to use it though - after a while airline may not be able to do that.
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I agree they should buy the ticket from you. It's the kid's fault for deciding not to go. Your mother was nice enough to fork over the $$ for the quick purchase. She shouldn't be punished for the kid's bad decision.
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