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Originally Posted by skier219 View Post
Sorry to jump in late, but I really liked Parcells' coaching during his years with the Giants. The 3-4 "Big Blue" defense was awesome, and they had a great running game. I really enjoyed the combination of coaching and players during those years.
As much as I am not a fan of Bellicheck... But Bellicheck was the architect of that 3-4 "big blue" defense, not Parcells. Parcells is a great talent evaluator, he's left a lot of teams in better shape then he's found them -- but his playoff success without Bellicheck at his side is pretty much zip.
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I can't believe no Bears fans have mentioned Coach Halas, 6-time NFL champion,the first coach to treat coaching like it was important -- first to hold daily practice, first to use film. First to use the T-formation (first formation in which the ball was snapped to a quarterback), First to send men in motion.

In 40 years as coach of the Bears he had only 6 losing seasons and if I'm not mistaken, only Don Shula's won more games.

He was among the 11 coaches who started the NFL for christ's sake. While I've gotta respect Landry's effect on the game, it doesn't touch Papa Bear.
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Originally Posted by Dino View Post
Who is/was the best NFL coach ever? Steelers' fans say Noll, Pats fan say Belechick, Niner fan says Walsh, etc. Who was/is the best?
Bill Walsh. Obviously Wish his ghost could have a word in Mike Nolan's ear.

For some inexplicable reason I also have a soft spot for Mike Ditka!
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Tom Landry is one the greats for sure, thats who gets my vote. And I gotta go with JoePa for best college, not only is he one of the most successful coaches in NCAA history, his commitment to the academic success of his players is second to none. How many coaches have a library on campus named after them? Also, I think it is hilarious that all of the Paterno haters sued the state to find out how much he makes per year, only to find out that it is only $500,000/yr.
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