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FS: Tyrolia SP120 Demo bindings - NEW

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I am selling a pair of Tyrolia SP120 demo bindings.
They are brand new and were removed from a new pair of Palmer P02s.
They are a nice looking binding: gloss black toe and heel witth silver and red lettering.
They are full diagonal, ABS, Control Heel, and LD Toe.
Stand height is 31mm, DIN is 4-12, and fit boot sole lengths of 263-391.
The Tyrolia demo bindings are much more durable and tighter than those offered by Look or Marker.
I'm figuring $50 for the bindings plus $10 shipping so let's say $60 shipped to lower 48.
Photos available.
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PM sent....
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Interested in your SP120 bindings - exactly what I am looking for.  However, we are in Utah and your shipping cost may be on the low side, but I'll pay actual cost. 


PS: we have good friends from Westford.   Like the skiing better out here although I grew up in the East. 


You can reach me at Hanry71345@hotmail.com

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Look at the date, dood.


Maybe the OP isn't still alive....

No offense, quickk9

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I just saw your post.   I was in San Diego when you posted - I was enjoying 85 degree weather so I wasn't checking my epicski email when you posted but I was watching the women on the Pacific beach.  Had I known of your condescending post, I would have driven north with my rented REI ski poles to knock some sense into you.  You are right, the Tyrolia demos are sold but I do have Elan 4-13 demos with little use and all hardware and these are a step up from the Tyrolias but from the same manufacturer.  Same price, still available.  I did email the inquirer as to first dibs.


Really, I emailed the inquirer and had it not been for your well appreciated sarcasm, I would not have noticed this inquiry.  So I thank you for your well deserved observation even though it could have been at my expense and than you for the opportunity.


Yeah, I'm still alive, let's see what happens when I turn your age... 

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Very funny, quickk9...hope you make the sale to Hanry2


As for me, I'm barely breathing, and I'm not sure if you can call that "being alive"

I do come to, however, when I see nekkid pics of Scarlett Johannsen, so there's some hope  beercheer.gif

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Hi there,

Are your SP 120 bindings still for sale?

I'm contacting you from Vancouver, BC.

I have a relative in Washington State that I can use for a US shipping address...

Will buy them if you've still got them.




Vancouver, BC

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I sold the new Tyrolia demo bindings, but I have some Elan demo bindings which are the same but with a max DIN of 13.  They have a few days on them, but are in excellent condition.  Ialso have some new and used Tyrolias with varying brake widths as well as some new and used Markers (graphite and pistons).  So if you or anyone else is interested you can reply or send me a PM. Thank you for the interest.

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