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helmet shape info

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I've searched through numerous helmet posts (this one is better, etc.) but was wondering if anyone had a comprehensive list of helmet/model and head shape?

For example, when I tried the Giro fuse, it was tight on my forehead and the back of my head, but loose above the ears. When I tried the nine, it fit better and was more conforming..but not perfect. My assumption is that the fuse fits a more round shaped head while the nine fits a more oval shaped head...but that's contrary to some of the threads I've seen. Unfortunately to try helmets on, I basically have to order them and send them back or wait til I hit some civilized area that actually carries more than just a couple helmets from the same company.

Anyway, just wondered if anyone had done this sort of research or posted this type of info with several brands/models compared or listed.

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Head shapes vary from round to oval to long oval. As you've found, trying on helmets is the only way to find just the right fit.

My helmet fits me OK, except sometimes I ski over a quick lump and the helmet slips over my eyes....
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