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Vail vs. Aspen late March

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We're planning a trip for late March flying into Eagle Airport in CO. Anyone have experience skiing Vail or Aspen during that time of the year? We're traveling with 2 kids (7 yo and 4 yo) and will be there for 5 days. We've been to Vail/Beaver Creek in the past but have never been to the Aspen area resorts. From past threads I think I have a pretty good idea of the terrain differences between the two. I'm more interested in knowing which area is likely to have better snow conditions?
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Generally, I think that they are pretty similar. Vail gets more snow, but a lot more traffic. I've skied Aspen in late March for about the last 30 years. Only one year was the skiing marginal. It had baked for a few days and then a dry cold front came through and left the whole state with coral reef.

Snowmass has got to be one of the best family resorts in the world. Most of the lodging is ski in/out. Tons of easy runs right down to the village. Plus now they have a new beginner area higher up at Elk Camp that is accessed by a Gondola.

If you've already been to Vail, you definitely have to try Aspen/Snowmass. With young kids, I would highly recommend staying out in Snowmass.
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I agree with Shredhead...Aspen is much better than Vail. As mentioned, it gets a little bit less snow but given the fact that you don't have 60,000 people skiing that snow makes a huge difference in snow quality. I've been to Aspen 3 days after storms, yet we still wound up skiing pow all day. We have had a really slow start to our season (warm and dry) and the weather models are showing the same for the next 90 days, so I'd hold off on booking till the last minute. Might want to have a backup plan too.
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The Back Bowls of Vail face due South.

Unless, there is new snow, they will be sun ravaged - good/bad - corn, crud, heavy, etc.

The Aspen resorts all face north with no southern terrain.

I might pick Aspen.

If you do not mind taking 10-30 min if you want to get to a different mountain.
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Very similar conditions, mostly due to similar elevations. Like the others, I'd lean toward Aspen. However, maybe you should plan on being flexible and let the current weather conditions decide when you arrive? It's very possible one place will have completely different conditions than the other.
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