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measuring sole length

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This is a long story leading to a simple question. My son lives in New Delhi and will be skiing in Kashmir this winter. His boots are in New Delhi and I just bought him a pair of K2 Coombas here in the US. Naturally, the skis need to have bindings mounted. That will not happen in New Delhi, so it will be done here. My son cannot find any marking on his boots indicating the sole length. This leads to the question of how sole length is measured so a substitute pair of boots with the same sole length could be used to mount the bindings. I assume that you measure from the front center line of the toe lug to the rear center line of the heel. Nonetheless, I thought I'd ask the experts here.

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You are correct and even if you are off a mm or two, it is no big deal. All bindings have forward pressure adjustment in the heel track.

the sole length is usually marked on the inside or outside of the boot heel though some boots are not marked.

good luck.
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If the boots do not have the length stamped near the heel on the side, they can simply be measured in millimeters. That length can be used by a shop with a jig to mount bindings. The jig sets the mid-sole based on standard boots; however the best measurement would be length in mm from toe to heel center, and from toe to boot center (usually a line on the arch of the boot).
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and if you are getting the skis mounted with an AT binding, the bindings are sized (S,M,L), and then you adjust the binding to the boot (he can do that)
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