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Recon vs. Watea vs. Magfire

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My Apache Recon's will probably be due for a replacement by the end of this season, and I was starting to think about what to replace them with. I'm 6'2", 170 soaking wet, level 8 skier. I'm New England based, so our "powder" is usually
a) On top of some pretty slick hardpack
b) Has the consistency of Elmer's glue mixed into mashed potatoes
c) Forms into bumps really fast (i.e., maneuverability is key !)

The Recon's (174cm length) handle all that really well, but they're a bit too damp for my tastes (the only thing I don't like about them actually). Any comments on the Fischer Watea's or Elan Magfire's as their replacement? Or other suggestions... I sort of ski all over the board... sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes driving hard, sometimes just cruising, so anything that's overly stiff (since I don't have the weight or strength to bend it) or requires 100% attention (since I don't ski that way) is pretty much out.
I have yet to find a ski over 85mm waist that I like, so I was thinking about the narrower versions of the above. I think my hips are just too narrow, and standing on something that wide forces my legs into an un-natural position, so don't even bother suggesting some super-wide plank.
My everyday ride are Elan Speedwaves, if that gives you any idea what I like.

I know I probably ask a lot out of my "good conditions ski", but there you have it. These are also the ones I take out West when I go there. Thanks!
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I think Salomon 1080 Foil or one of the X-Wings (The nomenclature confuses me, Tornado maybe 75mm waist?) would be worth a looksee.

I haven't skied any of the three you mentioned, but if I wanted a ski under 85mm for the stuff you are talking about, that's where I'd look first. I'd also look at a Rossi B3 or whatever they call it this year.
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Within the width range of the Recon..............

Dynastar Legend 8K
Nordica Nitrous
Atomic Blackeye

Slightly wider but still very nimble..................

Fischer Watea 84
Salomon X-W Fury

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the fury is VERY nimble for an 84 waisted ski in the 170, 85 in the 177. dont let thw width fool you. it is great on groomers.
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