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5 Dudes going west in DEC

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We have 5 guys from WI going out west in December. It looks like Salt Lake is a really good bet this early (from what I've read). Does anyone have any advice as to December 'boarding?

Run-wise and Condition-wise we are looking for what we could never get here. Mountains (check), powder (but not so much we get gassed, remember we don't know what that stuff is like!) and good solid runs.

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Well, if one or all of you are boarding and planning on sticking together, then Alta and Deer Valley are out... both are skis only.

Other than that, I think any of your options are cool. Park City Mountain Resort has great terrain parks and some wicked blue and black groomers to rip, but nothing terrifying. If you want to get more gnarly, aim for Snowbird. Brighton has some great park stuff as well, and is on many days a haven for boarders. Solitude, slower lifts but honestly, never ever a line nor a crowd, so that's a good choice too. Canyons is a fun place, some have their complaints about it but purely looking at it from a ski or boarding view, theres a ton of terrain to satisfy most anyone there if you look hard enough.

North of SLC, you could aim for Snowbasin... I love that place and I don't think i've ever stood in a lift line there, either.

The bottom line is that if you have a week, you can hit most or all of the ones listed above. Sh*t, if you want to try something unique, go to Sundance one day too, down in Provo Canyon. All these are within an hour or less of SLC unless there's a blizzard! Lemme know when you go. If i'm around and not out of town on business i'll probably be up there on several of the Dec. weekends... usually, I am.

And there are tons of peeps on here who also are out and about all over Utah. And many of them actually LIVE there, and i'm sure can add to my novel!
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>It looks like Salt Lake is a really good bet this early

absolutely is a good bet, cheap, with plenty to ski. i'll be in slc myself early december. what a great way to start out the ski year.
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Thanks! Any other advise? If we choose SLC I'll shoot you a PM with details.
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If flying look into Utah Quickstart program to see if you qualify for a free half day ticket on arrival day at the canyons or park city mtn resort. If you are interested in nightlife then Park City should be where you spend some of your time. If you're comfortable with most of the terrain around there then you should take at least one day at Snowbird for renowned advanced terrain and alpine scenery. Brighton is a smaller locals favorite, but also well known to be popular with boarders if you seek your own kind :-)

If you're driving then Colorado would be quicker and you might like Winter Park, Keystone, Breckenridge, Copper, Loveland. Lots of Front Range choices, sometimes slightly less chance of good snow than Utah, but should be pretty good later in December.

Search this site for lots of info if looking for cheap motels in SLC. There are some along I70 west of Denver too.
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