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Bandit B2 or B78

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I am interested in buying the Bandit B2 (2007) or the B78 (2008).

Which length should be appropriate for me?

I am 47, male, 5' 10", 230 lbs. I have been skiing on an off for the last ten years. I consider myself an intermediate skier. I can ski the blues no problems. When I was younger, I even skied the black runs, but the last few years I have been more cautious because of my equipment. My existing skis are old 200 cm skinny Rossignols 3G with soloman 727 bindings. They are heavy and stiff and I know the bindings are outdated. Groomed and hardpack skiing is not a problem for me. I have tried to ski in powdery conditions, but because of my skinny skis I just sink, so I usually give up and go back to the groomed runs. I would like something fatter to try and ski the softer snow. I ski on the west coast, Whislter, Sun Peaks.

From the various reviews, the B2 sounds like a fun ski which is somewhat forgiving. I am seeking a 70/30 or 50/50 groomed/off-piste ski.

Which length of B2 would be more suited for me, 174 or 182?

I am also looking at the Metron 7 (the puls version) in 172 and 180. I believe that this ski is a better carver.

Which size is appropriate for me? Sorry, no time to demo. I would like to buy the new skis before the season starts.
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Bandit B2 size

@ 56 5'9 175lbs.. ski 07 Bandit B2 174cm... Exc.. all mountain ski my level 6-7.. groomers ,crud, powder < 12 in.. 174.. is rated @ 160-200lbs.. 200 plus.. 182cm.. i would demo both lengths.. most 90% of skiers 40 + dont need more ski than Bandit B2...
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At your size, the longest they make. I ski the 174, I'm 165 lbs, and it's almost too short.
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Thanks for your advice. At this point, I am leaning towards long over short. Even though these new skis are much shorter than my old 200 cm., in my mind's eye they look larger because of the width. Also, I am not immune to all those with opinions that you should ski with much shorter skis with the new technology. I try to tell myself that even a 180+ new ski has got to turn easier than my old skis.

BTW, anybody have any thoughts about the Metron 7? I know that the Metron 7 is completely different from the Bandit B2. But any new skis that I buy will be a dramatic change from my old skis. Most of my skiing will still be on groomed runs, so a good carver does make alot of sense for me. Given my size, can I still make a passable attempt to ski powder (say, for example 12 inches) with the Metron 7, or are these skis too narrow? (BTW, my metron index is about 1340 which puts me right between the 172 and the 180). Any comments will be helpful.

Thanks for your advice. Quite frankly, I am really looking forward to getting any new skis and just blending in with the crowd. I always got so many awe struck stares with my old skis.
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