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I know it's a gear question...

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...but I thought I'd ask it here. I'm currently using Dainese shin guards, which are good, but the velcro straps destroy my slalom suits. Is there anything out there that's a little more suit-friendly?

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Supposedly the POC shin gaurds dont mess up suits.
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Unfortunately, probably no longer true...

Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post
Supposedly the POC shin gaurds dont mess up suits.
...last year, when POC guards were unavailable, they were supposed to be coming out with a ladder-lock buckle system to avoid the dreaded Suit Trashing Monster. This year, they dispensed with the ladder-lock, but you still can't get the carbon fiber model, due to supplier problems...
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I barely ever used arm guards outside my suit but I did it twice for a super-G with a gnarly section but its a long story... I didn't want to ruin my suit so I put duct tape where the guard's straps were going to rub, I also saw some other kids just do away with the velcro and use duct tape only
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I use the Scott USA shin guards. I haven't seen any visible damage on my suits.

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...thanks, guys, all the juniors at Eldo are currently doing the duct tape only thing, which I may try, if necessary. However, I have been looking at shinguards online, and just looking at the design of the Scotts, it looked like they'd be pretty, they are a lot less money than Slytech, Dainese, and all the other usual suspects. So I'm off to order a pair of Scotts...
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Just realised you meant shinnies....

My Leki, Swix and Spyder ones that I had through the years never did anything to my suit.
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Leki and Scott seem to work well.
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Velcro and race suits do not mix well as suits are made from a knit fabric- The idea of backing the straps with duct tape does work- just keep the velcro "hook" part away from the suit. If you are really concerned some people use bike style lycra leg warmers between the guards and the suit.

POC did give up the snowboard strap idea for this year and canceled the Carbon shin guards this season- maybe next year...

The big difference in price is the plastic vs. carbon cost. Plastic guards are molded where many carbon guards are laid up by hand.
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