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Good Boot fitter in NJ

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Does anyone have a good boot fitter in NJ, I havent had new boots in a LONG time and I have a new pair of Atomic B90's that I need fitted.

I live in Central NJ but can travel a little bit.
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How about cantman from this board?

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If you don't mind driving a bit, make an appointment with Greg Pier at Heino's in Pequannock (Rte. 23).


Tell him the Barking Bears sent you.
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What he said.
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I've had good luck with Heino's also. But I have nothing to compare it to. Every other pair of boots I have owned were probably comfortable because they were too big. Now I have boots that work. (and are comfy).
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What kind of fitting work do you think you need to have done?
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Billy Kaplan,(cantman) hands down, no brainer, This guy is incredible. Just give him a call and chat with him, You will understand. 215-760-8226
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Greg at Heino's is THE MAN you're looking for. No harm in going there and chatting with him.
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Tom Rossi at Ski Barn Paramus did wonders for my boots.
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note on footbeds ..

It is difficult to get custom molded footbeds in NJ. Since they are commonly called "orthodics" .... a bunch of the MD's here banded together and put a friend of mine out of business. Seems that that term, though common in the ski trades, was deemed a "medical product" that could only be done by doctors.
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You have to realize that no matter what shop you end up at, they can only do so much depending on how that boot fits your foot.

I mean if you got those Atomics on e-Bay without the benefit of trying them on first ... to ensure a relatively good basic fit .... there is only so much anyone will be able to do.

Good luck ... I have had good service from Greg at Heino's and have heard some good stuff about Billy over at Langhorne.
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I went to Greg @ heino's yesterday, I will write a full write up later but OMG!! the experience was amazing it felt almost like a spiritual or religous experience (actually I felt like I was in a spa for a 2 1/2 hour service package), I've obviously not tried them yet but right off the bat I have a boot that's 2 full sizes smaller than my prvious pair and I can roll  my knees and ankles both sides evenly, something I've never been able to do (even in shoes) I will have to wait until I ski to see how this changes my skiing but for now I couldn't possibly be happeir. The service and expertise were unbeleivable!!!!! THNAKS GREG!!

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The black guy or there white guy? The white guy helped me with my boots and the first day they felt to flat and made my right foot numb.

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

How about cantman from this board?

What he said Billy is a master I don't know the others
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