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demo and railflex options - pros and cons?

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I'm trying to choose between various demo and railflex options out there -- from some bears responding to my post looking for demo bindings, and also from poking around the interwebs. The ski I'll be mounting is an older Volkl P50SL, which I want to set up for my kids to share as an alternate ski option (rock ski or to play around with a short radius carver on smaller hills), or as a loaner. Problem is (a) the kids though similar in weight and skiing ability have very different size feet (295 mm vs 319mm BSL, and (b) the skis have been drilled twice.

Assuming cost is not a factor (a lot of reasonable offers, thanks folks), and assuming DIN range is not a factor (we're lightweights who set as type II skiers), what would the technical pros and cons be among the following:

-- Nordica SynAxis 3-11 (relabled VIST) (these are the ones I regret trading away a few weeks ago and the buyer has been kind enough to offer them back);

-- Rossi Axial 100 - good shape, looks like lightly used;

-- Look P12 - approx 20 days use;

-- Tyrolia Sympro 120 - don't know if these are with or without a carve plate underneath but it looks like I could get one to add on if not;

-- Tyrolia Railflex RFD 11.

I use Rossi or Look bindings on all my other skis, and have used a Look P10 demo for about 5 days with no problem. So I'm inclined in that direction just for familiarities' sake, but saw some posts recently that questioned whether the demos were as reliable as the regular Rossi/Look pivots.

Wonder whether the extra lift from a carve plate under the Sympro would be a good thing on the P50 which is coming flat.

Railflex - as easy to adjust as a regular demo, or close enough?

I guess that's it - any and all input welcome.
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Ive used the Look P12 demo binding and it gets sloppy. The forward pressure is almost impossible to set accurately.

I would go with Railflex, based on these options.


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Thanks Michael. Is Railflex simple enough for mere mortals to adjust? Obviously I'd get these mounted and torque tested at a shop, and do a release check every so often. But I would want to re-set it myself for different BSL and DIN settings as I would with a demo binding.
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Yes, They can be adjusted by removing & reinstalling a single screw on the center link.

I've seen it done slope-side. Its a 15 minute job at home.


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Railflexes are a good alternative to demos in my opinion. They are slightly heavy. The rail weighs about 12 oz per ski, comparable to a demo. I can and have adjusted them for friends at the top of the lift in 5 minutes. Not as quick as you have to pull the binding (one screw) then snap the toe and heel into the new BSL before putting them back on.

If you can get newer demos I'd probably go that way. Demos do develop slop over time. Personally I think alot of the slop issues people notice is because they are on demos skis with 120 days on them.
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Went with the railflex - thanks everyone.
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