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More Bode

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One thing's for sure - Bode's paying to play. An investment or an expensive world tour?? He seems intent on making it both.

There's a fire in that belly for something and it ain't just a party. He could have had a bigger party for less money by just kicking back. So we'll see ...


Hope he kicks some hiney.
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If Bode is reading this thread, I would like to offer my services as a wax scrapings disposal professional. :
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The Bodester is a real piece of work , but i don't want to count him out just yet .

Hey who knows, maybe this anti -hero, Karma chameleon thing of his will work for him
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I have said it before and will say it again- if this method works then he will be a hero and everyone will say this was the answer. However if not it will be the "stupidest idea in the world".
I dunno, I think that more is made (in the media) of what is going on that is actually happening. Hopefully he finds the mojo he needs to win again.
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Miller won the Super G title last season and four World Cup Golds. Many expect that he will surpass Phil Mahre as the the American male with the most World Cup victories. Absent serious injury, I'm guessing that he will remain competitive this season, at least in the speed events.
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5th in GS, 2nd fastest time in run 2 with a bad back ain't too shabby!
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4ster Bode does not have a bad back as he has had it repaired by Dr.Ongley it was a matter of soft tissue damage not disc as most Dr's believe. Look him up and see what Bode has to say about the Ongley difference and why he chooses to pay out of his own pocket for something his old coaches don't believe in or do they know anything about it.
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Sorry, he was 3rd fastest in the 2nd run at Solden. Even with a healthy back that's still pretty good.
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