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The future of Volant Sports

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For an update,please see my post on the same above topic on the Consumer Gear Reviews Forum.
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I think the comments in your post have some validity. The "old folks" image I think they try to counteract with Shane McConkey and the Mahre brothers.

Good employees, working in a good non threatening atmosphere is so very important, and of course a qualtiy product at a fair price [ value ] are keys to success.

I think you should pass your comments along to Volant and let them know what people are thinking.If they don't know, they need to know, and if it is true and they don't recognize it, they need to wake up.

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How can you be happy working in an enviroment that is HOT, LOUD, and HUMID and only make $8.00 to $10.00 and hour. That was the conditions that I worked under for 4 years. I was there because I wanted to be there, even at times when it was really miserable. I gave up on it to persue other interests. It was a tough disicion to leave the ski industry, but I have not looked back because the quality of life I have is so much better. I will say that the one bright spot was getting the new skis for free. I believe thet Volant is in a tough spot right now. They have seen this issue before when I was there, it was just not to this extreme. I know Hank will find some sort of temporary funding to get them by. Keep in mind the in the 12 years this company has been around they have not turned a profit. You can not do that forever.
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Don't get me wrong, I'm not badgering "old folks". I'll be there one day.

What I meant is that they need to sell to the masses, not the classes.
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McConkey for sure but aren't the Mahre brothers getting up there in age?
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Well, Grizz, those "boys" are in their mid-40's. A tad old for competitive ski racing, but not resigned to rocking chairs. And no other Americans have matched their successes. They were born half a year before my older daughter, so they'll always seem young to me.
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I hope they make it. It's a Colorado company and they employ a lot of people here.


1) Their brand became known as "old folks" skis. I see mostly older people skiing Volants and until I met SnoKarver last year, I had never seen anyone great skiing them.

2) Every employee I met (I only met a few) was not happy working there. A company like this depends on their people. If their employees aren't happy, it's really tough for them and it ultimatlely shows in their products.

3) They have a bad rap with delamination problems. Volant is good about their warranty, but a problem like this can cast a dark shadow.

Now keep in mind that my observation is limited, having started skiing again 2 years ago after 25 years off.<FONT size="1">

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I wonder if the 9 year old Chinese kids making K2's are happier than Volant employees.
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We'll soon find out, Volant shut their doors.
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Did you see the news Miles? www.snowtradenews.com/article/suppliers.cfm?alias_id=7669

There are no more Volant employess, maybe the 9 year old chinese kids will be building Volants soon as well.
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Too bad. They still have marketable assets though, and I wish them the best.
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Oh, crap. Guess I'll be getting "Head" soon. Or something. Time to go Austrian again. Rats.

Someone will get the ball rolling again... I hope. The basic design is just too good.

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