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Hanging up on the chair!

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Who has done it? I know i have. Last year at beaver creek one of the pocket tags on my ski pants got caught over the back of the seat... I was like a hooked fish.. anyone else?
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I usually wear a fanny pack when I'm skiing. Anyway, I had the buckle of that catch in the slats on the back of the chair, which I didn't notice until I was getting ready to get off. I wound up going around the bull-wheel and tripped the emergency stop bar. The liftie came out and was able to dislodge my pack buckle from the chair, and then I hopped off. I wanted to disappear!
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Steven's Pass, Washington, has a chair that goes up, over, and down the other side of a ridge, serving both sides of the ridge. All riders from either direction must get off at the top.

My wife, her cousin, and myself were riding up. We were getting ready to unload when cousin Debbie said that a fold of her pants was caught under the seat of the chair (the seat could be flipped up so it didn't hold snow overnight). We were right at the get-off, I got off, Debbie could have stood up, released her pants, and skied away. Debbie and my wife stayed on the chair and rode down the other side of the lift. I'm on the snow quietly saying, "I don't know those women." The lift had to be stopped at the bottom on the other side, they walked around the bullwheel, got back on, and finally got off at the top.

They were mad at me! I was very brave and refrained from laughing too loudly, and they expected me to be sympathetic!

The best thing to do if one can not get off the chair is to be sure your legs trip the shutdown switch. Do not jump off if you're suspended in the air after you miss the real get-off ramp. Do tell the lifty that you're stuck.
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Yep,me too, got my back pac strap hooked to the chair, when I was getting off I couldn't. I got the dang think released and jumped after the chair went around the corner. Lift opperator was pretty pissed that I jumped:.
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Once, but on the load, not the unload: Adaptive clinic, practicing being a blind student skier. I'm probably the only idiot who didn't peek out from the blindfold. My student 'instructor' who was positioning me for the load didn't notice it was a center pole chair and the pole hit me and caught my jacket and dragged me some distance before i was rescued. Good thing we train before we let 'em loose on real students!
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I think I got a backpack strap stuck once, while skiing inbounds with a backpack as a 12 year old. Gapetastic.

I've gotten off lifts with gate bags about a thousand times, but every time I still get scared I'm going to get stuck or faceplant and make a bigger jerk than usual out of myself.
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Happened to my daughter when she was about 10-12yrs old. One of the ties on her jacket got snagged on the chair when she went to get off. She ended up hanging by her jacket about 8ft in the air. I was surprised the jacket & tie didnt tear. Luckily she was able to work herself free & drop to the ground uninjured.

Now I am always cautious about any loose hanging items which can get caught on the chair.
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yep in my case i tripped the switch but i was such a tangled mess they had to take off both my skis and then drop me 3 feet... to the ground after cutting the tag... this took maybe a minute... longest minute of my life
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I *used to* leave my ski pass hanging from a side hook on my pants by the neck cord. It swung low and resided near my boots, one of my few "gangsta/newschool" looks. Well that was until one day at stevens when it managed to get tied around the chair and I was dragged along the ground all the way around the bullwheel while yelling the whole time at the lift attendant who did not notice until I hit the stop gate. Now my pass lives in a pass pocket in my pants
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instructor at the party?

OK ... and I'll tell you that all of this dangling and hanging stuff was always taught as part of intro lessons.

The scarf that looks so good flyng in the breeze may be the noose that kills you on the lift.

Had a few biker types that didn't like getting rid of those stupid wallet chains before we got on the lift and didn't like it when I wouldnt take them on that first chair ride till the chain, scarf ... whatever was stowed.
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well I am very thankful that this did not happen during a lesson. I dont think my boss would have ever let me live that one down, not to mention my students respect = lost.
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I had a back pack strap get caught once, but managed to free it in time to get off, barely. Now when I'm wearing a pack I always take it off and ride the lift with the pack on my lap.
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Hanging, yes ... but not on a chair

My experience is a little different. It was many many years ago at our local hill - before they installed a chair lift. Since it was a private club, they had a T-Bar that did not require lift attendants (the t-bars self adjusted to be in the correct position for loading).

Anyway, I was about 5 years old and my older brother wanted to teach me how to "go solo". I was too afraid so he loaded with me and got me to the point where the t-bar went up a steep grade. He then excused himself and left me hanging on for dear life. Well, I was so light that the spring recoiled and lifted me up off the snow and spun me around backwards. I didn't want to let go, so I rode the rest of the way backwards without my skis ever touching the snow ... until I tripped the stop wire at the top ... and fell off.

It must have been pretty entertaining as I got a round of applause from the older crowd sunning (drinking) on the deck.
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Originally Posted by KevinF View Post
I usually wear a man-purse when I'm skiing.
Fixed that for ya.
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When I was a kid, I witnessed a similar mishap at Porcupine Mountain State Park. There was a little girl in front of us on the T-bar. She had a longer style jacket on and when she went to get off the T-bar, it hooked her under her jacket. She, too, was pretty light and the spring of the T-bar picked her right up off the ground. She was bobbing up and down and half-dragging along until another skier at the top tripped the safety! That looked scarey!
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