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The Riding Around N.E. Italy with Shimano TR...

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Several weeks ago I posted a thread about shipping a bike to Italy; I had a rather sudden and unexpected offer to spend a couple of days riding around NE Italy, the Veneto region to be precise. In the end I did not ship my bike (though I appreciate all of your input) as I was told a suitable bike would be provided....

One of my hosts works for a frame manufacturer / bike shop in Padova, I had not heard of Berma frames before and the owner of the (family run) company told me their largest export market was in Germany. Like many small manufacturering concerns they had some interesting stuff lying around in the small shop, including this bike built by the founder in the 1930’s, he won a major race in Italy with it. The rims are wood!

Our first days ride was from Padova along the Brenta River to Fusina where one can catch a foot ferry to Venice. This was a very easy ride, about 67Km with great scenery.

Some of my companions (and a good reason why I would prefer to cycle with gals in the future…)

This old water mill along the Brenta had been converted in an Enoteca, fortunately or unfortunately it was chuiso when I passed through.

Da Flav (dressed as a dog’s breakfast) and my guide at Fusina.

The following day was a longer ride to an ancient hill town called Asolo. We took mainly secondary B and C roads; traffic was light fortunately as many of these roads are rather narrow.

Though southern Veneto is largely flat, the last couple of KM’s are quite a steep climb into Asolo….

On of my colleagues passing a lovely little bar in Asolo….

The view from Asolo…

This was a 130Km ride and a warm-up for the next day’s event….

Outside Cortina there is a series of peaks called the Tre Cime…the road ends at 2400 meters, the climb is steep, I was dreading it….I found this on the www…


And on the day we were to do this ride…it snowed! Ride canceled!

So that was the end to my riding. I did have a very nice carbon fiber Scapin to ride (with the dreaded Shimano : complete with a computer to tell me what gear I’m in….) with very nice wheels. I’m used to a steel frame and I was impressed with the carbon frame and fork.

I use older Time pedals and shoes, this bike had the new Time’s and I had a pair of Sidi shoes that were very comfortable.

My host told me there is great mountain biking (or rather off road biking) around the Marsh’s south of Venice, another time!

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Thanks for the TR. BTW: how was the area around Asolo?
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Originally Posted by Dino View Post
Thanks for the TR. BTW: how was the area around Asolo?
Most of the area around Asolo is flat, the climb up to Asolo is a bit of grunt...besides being relatively steep the narrow road is cobble stones and very slick when wet...

Monte Grappa is close, while I've driven it I've never ridden it, I would expect it's a good ride and if you're a history / WWII buff Bassano del Grappa is a fascinating place.

One thing I enjoyed about cycling around Veneto is that it can be easy or difficult, and when I travel I miss excercise...too much plane time, too much food (well, maybe!) and occasionally too much of the grape!
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