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ski questions - a little different from the norm

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I am looking into purchasing some skis, for a couple of reasons. and i am really strugling of what to do.

First of all i am an intermediate skier, about 5ft2 - 5ft3 and weighing in at 50-55kg. I am comfortable sking on 145-150's but not keen on much longer. I ski in Europe a couple of times a year where the snow varys (sometimes skiing on ive and hardpack, other times powder, bumbs etc) so was looking at something for more all mountain purposes rather than all out carvers! I also not much of a speed demon but like messing about in the ruff and powder at the side of runs and have been recenty trying a few tricks, skiing backwards etc.

I have been looking to get some sort of ski which will be suitable for all of this ( i no tough order but im a student in UK and not got shed loads of cash to purchase 2 or 3 skis!)

My main problem is that the skis i look at and can find ( that are not beginner skis) start at the 156/158 height and these are simply to big. I found some 148 Rosignol bandit junior skis . . . . . . . Will these be a good shout? I am unsure of how much junior skis diferent from adults other than size?

They took my attention due to the semi twin tip design ( so i can do some 180s and backward sking without ploughing into the snow) yet not a full park ski.

What sort of skis will i be getting when i rent . . . . . junior skis (bearing in mind i always try to get 145-150cm) a pair i got last year where really beffy and heavy and as i like to mess around on the snow and not fly down at zillion miles an hour i did not get on with them . . . and bar these bandits being junior i think they fit the bill.

Sorry for the long post, your opinions will be much appreciated. Also i am not looking to get an amazing ski, just something a little better and more look after that i get at the rental shop

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I can't give you a specific ski suggestion; but I am also an intermediate not yet advanced skier and just like you still like to ski all over the mountian. I learned alot here but I think most of the folks that post are experts and know most about expert skis and can share from actual experience. I received all sorts of good feedback on Mantra's, Metrons and such but it got pretty quiet when I asked about 918"s and AC2's for a carving pick. One thing I can mention though is you can go longer with a twin tip if you like to do the 180's and such that you mention as the back as well as the front tip will have less contact with the snow. I mention this as it may allow for more choices with slightly longer lengths that still ski shorter that you note you're more comfortable from your experience.

Lots of discussion of lenghts but of all the back and forth I've read (not incl. twin tips or strickly powder skis) it seemed a simple concept to consider lengths that approximate your nose when standing skis on the floor for intermediate abilities. (Chin for beginners or forehead for advanced unless you have the experiece where you want to adjust that for a purpose or ski - it can be a place to start if you don't have anything else to go on. Then twin tips could be that much longer to compensate for the additonal lenght that rides off the ground.
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Strictly speaking, you are in the weight range of high end Jr. skis. (the Bandit jr. is not a high end ski and is not very wide) However, you have adult muscle structure and as such only the Jr race skis would likely be appropriate and they are not the the best tool for all mountain use.

I'd suggest that you consider a mid-high level women's ski. Unisex skis in the mid-fat widths typically don't come in the length range you are considering. You might look at the Rossi B2-W in 148 or B3-W in 150 or the K2 Lotta Luv in 146.

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thanks for your replys. . . any thoughts from others?
Also what sort of ski am i ending up with at a rental shop . . . . . Probably a low grade junoir ski?
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