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Well I have been trying on all sorts of boots and I have it down to these 2 boots. Possible others if anyone has any good suggestions. Any pro's and cons versus these 2 boots? I have been in a Nordica Beast 10 boot and I had some problems with the boot. I have a narrow heel with a wider forefoot so I have been having troubles finding a boot that will have a good heel lock with a wider forefoot with a high arch.

Here are my thoughts on these boots.

Nordica Supercharger Blower

Boot felt great, no pain after 20-30mins in the boot. Worried about the fleece lining and the boot packing out to much because it felt good and maybe to comfortable right away. No apparent problems with this but the boot may have felt a little to roomy again.

Salomon Falcon 10

Boot felt great as well. After about 30 mins maybe more my foot did go a little numb in the boot. I am leaning towards this boot versus the Nordica at the moment. The boot seem to fit me just as good if not better than the Nordica besides the numbness in the foot. This was also the first time this year I have had ski boots on for more than 20 mins. The heel felt firmly locked and maybe the best fit I have felt in a boot for heel lock. This is what had been suggested to me by someone on this board to relieve that pressure.

"A good bootfitter can remove some padding from the tongue to lessen the pressure there. The other trick is they can remove the bootboard and grind some off the bottom to drop your foot, making more room above the instep."

Pros and Cons for this?

I have been skiing for approx 5 years and snowboarded many years previous to that. I would rate my level as an advanced intermediate and not at expert. I ski mostly piste in the upper midwest in Minnesota with the occasional trip to the mountains. I will ski moderate level black diamonds in the mountains.

I am 6-0 200 pounds and I usually ski an RX-8 170 and will ski around 20 times a season more if time allows.

Any thoughts on these boots or maybe suggestions to something I have not tried yet. I am leaning towards the Falcon 10 right now as it seems to be the best fit so far.