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Bone spurs

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Now that I've finally taken off the boots for the season, a quick gander at the feet has sent me screaming in terror at the sight of the sixth toes that have grown on each foot. :

Yes the boots are blown out, but sometimes bigger is not better. Save for surgery, does anyone know of a remedy/cure for spurs?
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Good question, I've got one myself.
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My wife has a bone spur on the bottom of her foot forward of the heal. She has gotten some relief from acupuncture with electric stimulus, and also from ultra-sound therapy also with electric stimulus. She also said that wearing her orthotics every day with good shoes feels better than wearing her sandals.
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I just had one on my spine, it hurt for about 3 months then stopped.
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I would think that you ski boots just dont fit quite right
Rubbing = bone spurs. rubbing = something is moving in the boot = boot needs some work.
Ya I know they feel just fine, but if the foot is pronating a bit still or has some room to more side to side it will cause problems. Also the problems are worse in the spring as boots get softer and we get stronger
Go see a good boot fitter and ask them
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