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Need help Huge Cookie Competition at Beaver Creek

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Hello all,

So I sent in a batch of cookies for Beaver Creek's cookie competition and made it to the final round. Last year I entered and took 3rd overall. http://beavercreek.snow.com/info/winter/wa.cookie.asp

I have to bake 1000 cookies on Nov 21st (opening day) for the contest. I need both bakers and voters. Bakers can show up as early as they can pry themselves out of bed...and voters need to be assembled by 1:50pm at the grand staircase (by the ice rink). One of the restaurants in town will allow us to use their kitchen. Last year the Beaver Creek chophouse was nice enough to let me use theirs. It was an awesome setup. They had a mixer that could have made 2000 cookies worth of dough and could bake 400 at a time in the oven in 8 minutes.

I also will need help handing out cookies. The cookies start getting handed out at 2pm and will probably be gone by 2:06pm...so timeliness is key.

It will be sweet bragging rights for all who help. The winner's cookie is handed out at cookie time every day at BC. Plus a bunch of free chocolate chip cookies the day of isn't a bad incentive to come anyways.

Shoot me an email if you can make it. It will be fun and exciting. It is pretty chaotic once things get going. Channel 8 was there last year too.

jasonstingl at gmail dot com

Any help is greatly appreciated! See you on the slopes.

Jason Stingl
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Jason, I can't make it but I'd like to be a judge if you can send me some. With a tall glass of skim milk I can probably put a nice dent in that batch. :My wife makes awesome cookies around the holidays but I won't let her make them any other time or I'd have to buy new pants.

Good luck.
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My family has voted to be there to vote. Who's name will be on your cookies so we vote for the right ones. (is there a bad cc cookie?)

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Wow, did not know you have this talent Jason. Outstanding gig! Unfortunately we’ll be in Maine during your competition.

For those bears looking to help out a fellow bear cookie chef; here is Jason [far left] in picture beside Bong, madmike and Betsy at Loveland. Good Luck Jason...post the outcome...with pics if possible!
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Still looking for voters. Bring your friends. Rally the troops. It'll be sweet! I bet if I win it will snow really hard that night :-)

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Taking an early season ski trip just got more enticing.
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All I can think is.... 'got milk'????/
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And he did. Jason's booth was the only one with milk. We left before the results were out but he was the winner in our book. There was some stiff competition though and it took many samples to be sure. (actually my son took one bite of Jason's cookie and said winner)
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Steve thanks for coming out and bringing the fam too. It was a pretty exciting day as the event unfolded. People were pretty into it. The milk sure bought some votes.

As for the results...I try not to let the Epic Ski group down...so your stuck with my cookie for the next year :-)

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ALL RIGHT the best cookie does win.

Hope to be eating lots of them this year.

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Congrats Jason!!!!!!! I will be skiing Beaver Creek most Tuesdays starting in Jan!! Looking forward to your COOKIES!!!!!!
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