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Jackson Hole discount tickets

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Well I've booked our 14 day trip for March, I know it's early but travelling from England I need to book flights etc well in advance.This will be our 3rd visit to JH.

Any one know of discount tickets? We will probably do 10 days skiing (plus a day at Grand Targee).
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jackson hole discount tickets?

surely, you jest !
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I have been looking high and low for some sort of discount to Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee January 19th-26th 2008. They just don't seem to exist for any cheaper than I have found. I am doing a package deal at the Super 8 in town www.jacksonholesuper8.com where we are getting a package that includes 7 nights with 4 days of skiing at JH for $437 staying with three people per room. We also plan on doing one or two days at Grand Targhee for I think $59 per day.

There is the Idaho Falls ski club which has discounts for members but that is too far away and not practical. I have looked on Ebay for coupons of some sort with no success. I have googled and not found anything substantial. Travelocity has some deal that is not very good and costs like $72 per day for JH. I did find something where you can get a free lift ticket the day you arrive at Jackson Hole Sports but that was for last year: http://travel.latimes.com/articles/la-tr-insider10dec10 I have emailed them to see if they will have the same deal this year but they have not responded to me and it has been almost a week. I hope to take advantage of that since I arrive at 11:18 am and would rather go over there than to Snow King the day I arrive.

I think I have exhaused every option and think that I have found the only discounts out there and none at all seem to exist at Targhee. Please Chime in if someone out there has found some other discounts!

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I live here and I don't know of any significant discounts. A few moderately good ones have come and gone over the years, but I don't think there are any right now.

The interesting part is that this question comes up on Epic for resorts all over the country and more often than not someone identifies good ones. That NEVER seems to happen for Jackson Hole.

I just don't think you're going to find anything that's worth much.

We're basically the only game in town. If you come here in the winter, you're most likely coming to ski the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The owners/management are VERY aware of that fact.

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I think that Bob is probably correct.
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Mug someone at the base area and take their lift ticket...
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Why wouldn't you do a ski/stay package thru the resort and get discounted tiks that way? If you know your skiing that many days your crazy to pay retail prices for lift tiks. I realize you probably have a great deal on lodging not thru the resort but with 7/8 days at Teton Village paying retail might take back all the money your saving on lodging. Course with dollar getting weaker by the day you wouldn't exactly be paying retail....
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