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Gloves or mittens

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Hello All!

Well, we came far way from the hot South and suffer with the cooooold when at the mountains.

Ok, since our first time we've learned a lot. Today, we are like onions(Shrek) and use layers. BTW, the polar/base layer is a must. The right soks also makes a huge difference too.

But one thing is a little hard to find out - a good glove or mitten!

So, I would like to ask you for advices on good(warm, not expansive gloves and , also, the basic difference between gloves and mittens??

Thanks in advance and think snow!!!!

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The difference between gloves and mittens? Gloves have individual slots for each finger and thumb; mittens don't (i.e., your fingers are enclosed together and are actually touching).

Mittens are much warmer then any gloves. However, since you don't have your fingers individually available, doing anything with your hands (i.e., opening jacket zippers, adjusting boot buckles, looking at a trail map, etc.) can be quite a challenge without taking your mittens off, at which point your hands get really cold again. Some people wear a thin fleece glove inside their mittens so if they need to take their mittens off for some reason they still have something between their hands and the cold air.

Personally, I always use gloves unless it's ridiculously cold outside, but then again, I tend to be warmer then most people.

I swear by my Grandoe GCS gloves, but cheap they aren't, so I'll let others chime in with any specific recommendations.
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I prefer gloves and for where I am skiing most of the time they work just fine. If I found myself skiing someplace that was obscenely cold I may change my mind.
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I am in the mitten camp, with fleece liner gloves. This is definately the "to each their own" type of preference. I like mittens over fleece/poly gloves because if it/you are warm, mittens go off, ski in gloves. Cold days use both, they are warmer than gloves. Mitten off for dexterity, light fleece glove easier to use than heavy glove. Two pairs of gloves harder to keep track of when going inside, thou, and dont drop them on the lift, put inside jacket if taking off! (Voice of experience) LOL
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I feel like I'm always searching for the perfect hands seem to be the first and most likely area to be cold..but can also get overheated. (I'm trying out gloves w/vents this season). I have Marmot Randonee mittens for very cold temps and I'm trying out wool glove liners underneath them this season. For Spring skiing, my hands always seem I'm looking for gloves that are just shells.
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I get cold easily and therefore like mittens. It took me a long time to find mittens that keep me warm when it's really cold, but after years of searching, I bought mountaineering mittens. They're called "REI Ridgecrest Mittens," they were only $45, and they're the warmest mittens I've ever used. Since they're made for mountaineering, they're not quite as durable as regular ski gloves, but I've skied about 60 days in mine and they're still in good condition.
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are there any little ones? if so, mittens for them, it's so much easier to get them on after lunch, potty breaks, etc. Be sure to take them off them slowly to be able to get them back on.

For the adults/teens, it's really personal preference. Mittens can be warmer, but you can get hand warmer packs (for around $.50 at Wal Mart, $3 to $4 at the resort) that do a pretty good job of keeping your hands warm, even in gloves.
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I become to realize that mittens with a thin fleece glove inside should be the preferable to coldest days and a good glove for the other ones.

Thanks for you all
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I've been using the Reusch racing line of gloves for some time now and couldn't be happier. Top notch performance and excellent quality. I believe they make the same glove without all the padding for GS Racing, as well as a few other different models.
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You can have your cake and eat it too. There are two options:

SWANY makes a series of mittens called Toaster. it's a mitten with a glove liner and zipper on the side so you can unzip and, voila, you have a glove. It also makes a handy space for putting a hand warmer pack without putting it next to your skin.

Huestra (and some others i think) make a lobster claw type of mitten/glove. It has separate sleeves for your thumb and forefinger and the rest is like a mitten. That gives you the dexterity of a glove but more warmth like a mitten.

If you are worried about being cold. go for the mitten and buy hand warmers to keep in your pocket in case. Freezing cold fingers can definitely affect your skiing pleasure.
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I use gloves. My daughter & girlfriend get cold hands easily so they use good mittens on cold days but keep a pair of cheap gloves around for warmer days.
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