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Waxing without ironing

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I’ve been hearing about a waxing technique in which glide wax is applied is applied without an iron. The process was explained in which normal glide wax (not paste or spray) is first rubbed on the base so that there is thin coverage. Next a hand roller with some type of mild scotch pad (or similar fine plastic very mild abrasive) wrapped around it is used to vigorously rub the wax into the base creating some heat from friction. After this, the base is treated as normal, with some minimal scraping of any excess wax followed by brushing, etc. This process supposedly has gotten good results with wax testing compared to the same wax that is ironed. Further, I was told that his process is being looked at by several national teams.
Has anyone heard of this waxing procedure, and if so, any comments??
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it sounds like you're describing the Wax Whizard. I've heard some good things about it and picked one up myself, but haven't really used it. It seems to give better results than corking, but not quite as good as hot waxing.
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I have also purchased the Wax Wizard and see no benefit over Ironing. Maybe if you are flying and have no room for an Iron , but in that case why not use spray as tested last year via Alpinords wax test.

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Nick & Mk,

That must be the tool that I heard about, but the claims were that the glide was better than hot wax. Hummmmm?

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It seems clear to me that nothing will replace external heat to apply wax. If you have AC power you can use an iron which is the easiest. Without AC power you can still easily use a propane blowtorch.

National teams simply cannot afford to risk using anything that might give them less than the absolute best result, so I would doubt that they would even consider a friction method as a realistically viable alternative.

I'm sure the method you describe does provide some benefit which could be used when no other heat source is available. However, I thought that the thrust of development in waxing was using softer bases in skis to absorb more wax during heating, and baking waxed skiis for long times in a hot box to improve absorbtion.
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